2017 Top 3 Books-No Kidding Only 3!!!

Okay so yeah 31 of December,here it comes the time of the year again when I have to face and lamenting on the facts that another year has again passed but still I haven’t done anything significant yet.Despite the reality that this year is somewhat not a really fantastic nor life-changing one,I am quite satisfied.At least I can accomplish my 2017 reading challenge on goodreads.Last year I set a realistic goal to read 12 books only in 2017 and I completed it today yayy!And because of the small quantity,I decided to only pick the top 3 best books not 5 like I usually do.So,here we go!
1.Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the best book I have read this year.Please note that this is based on my personal opinion and highly influenced by my personal life phase condition and belief.

This book is not really poetic nor scientific like most of my other favorite books but I simply love this book because of the story itself is outstanding and mind-blowing and therefore giving me a fresh perspective of life.I love Elizabeth Gilbert,her thoughts and her courage to take initiative.This book really inspires me to continue my life,to take a step ahead and make a difference.

2.Filosofi Kopi by Dee

This book is beautifully written,full of thought provoking short stories about love and life in general.I have written a review for this one on another separate post so please click in this sentence if you want to know more.
3.The Firm by John Grisham

Introducing Grisham as my current favorite author,I highly recommend this title for those who are still not familiar with his works.The Firm with its fast-paced story is engaging the readers from the first page to the end.The story is so thrilling,intelligent,and breath-taking by itself so just enjoy!!

I little guess this will be my last post in 2017,to every readers out there ;thanks for being real nice and supportive until today.I still remember the year I started this blog (2013) I was so depressed and tired and confused.There weren’t many of you yet by that time but over the times joining discussions and reading other people stories(people like me esp) from all over the world give me that feeling of acceptance and hope,hope that maybe someday I can actually find my life purpose and be happy!Happy new year peeps!!

PS: this is my first year without finishing any Jodi Picoult-s!Actually I have started reading Vanishing Acts via ebook since months ago but still never have the chance to finish it hehe.


Filosofi Kopi by Dee (Review)

Judul :Filosofi Kopi
Penulis :Dee Lestari
Penerbit :PT Bentang Pustaka
Tebal :142 halaman

Sebagai seorang manusia saya ingin menjadi seperti karya-karya Dee;indah di hati sekaligus mencerahkan isi kepala.Layaknya secangkir kopi,buku ini harus dinikmati dan diresapi perlahan-lahan.Hirup aromanya dalam-dalam layaknya kopi tubruk,nikmati keindahannya layaknya secangkir cappuccino.Jangan tergesa-gesa,jangan terburu-buru.Karya ini terlalu indah untuk dilewatkan sekejap mata.

Jika Anda adalah pembaca setia blog ini, tentu Anda sudah tahu betapa saya sangat mencintai karya-karya Dee.Filosofi Kopi bukanlah perkecualian.Buku ini merupakan kumpulan 11 cerita pendek tentang cinta.Segala macam bentuk cinta dibahas dan dikupas habis secara menyeluruh di sini,mulai dari cinta sepasang insan manusia biasa,cinta terlarang,cinta sesama jenis,cinta persahabatan,sampai cintanya kecoakpun dapat ditemukan.

Gaya penulisah Dee yang cerkas terasa sangat kental dalam buku ini sejak cerpen pertama hingga terakhir.Saya mencintai karya-karya Dee karena gaya bahasanya yang selain nyastra banget juga sangat scientific in a way.Karya-karya Dee adalah bukti kombinasi sempurna intelektualitas dengan kehalusan nilai rasa.Bukti nyata bahwa cinta sesungguhnya juga mengenal logika.Pada diri Dee bersembunyi seorang esais handal yang terselubung dalam rupa seorang juru dongeng.

Cerita pendek favorit saya dari Filosofi Kopi adalah Buddha Bar.Entah mengapa dan entah bagaimana caranya Dee dapat menghadirkan suasana magis namun realistis dalam cerita tersebut.Di urutan nomor dua saya menetapkan pilihan pada cerpen Sikat Gigi,selanjutnya di urutan keempat dan kelima ada Filosofi Kopi,dan Lara Lana.Seluruh kisahnya kaya akan keindahan dan pengetahuan.Membacanya dapat memuaskan jiwa sekaligus memperluas isi kepala.Membuka mindset kita dengan cara menggugah hati kita.

Sekian yang dapat saya jabarkan mengenai salah satu mahakarya Dee Lestari,selebihnya silahkan Anda nikmati sendiri saja.Seduh kopi itu,resapi tiap kata dan keindahannya,kemudian bagikanlah pengalaman luar biasa itu kepada saya dan semua orang pada kolom komentar di bawah ini haha!Selamat membaca!



Quarter Life Crisis

this is my facial expression 24/7 these days lol

I am basically a zombie.I am just walking around without knowing my direction,souless and attracted to brains.Thats the most exact description of myself in this current situation.I have been enduring crazy hectic schedule these past few months especially last month.People may see me as a productive person and some even directly told me how they envy me for my seemingly endless energy.My recent habit and lifestyle maybe really can lead you to believe the wrong thing.I seem like I am really busy and I know what am I doing,I know what I want and I am now working hard to achieve it.Well but is that what actually happen to me?lol no.Not at all.

I feel like a machine.I feel like I have to keep myself busy to stay sane.I look for every opportunity to keep me busy,to keep me having things to do,to be done,and to be stressed over so that I don’t have to think about my personal internal problem which has been growing larger and larger and larger every single day.It became harder and and harder to forget it,to refuse thinking about it.It keeps on haunting me days and nights.

I am breaking apart and I am falling through my own hole of ‘I dont know what hole is this that keeps on sucking me,my happiness,my life purpose,and finally…energy’

The biggest question is “Who am I in the world?”and “After this what?What should I do with my life?”
No,I don’t know what I want to do with my life like most of my friends may think of.I dying and I am scared.I realize that I dont have all the time in the world.That my time is very limited so that I should use it wisely before I die.

I feel lost
Like really lost I feel like I cant even stress this enough

I did some research to find out whats actually wrong with me and I came out with the result telling me that this is also just a phase and this is normal.They call it The Quarter Life Crisis and every single human being will experience it once in their lifetime,usually during mid 20s.Im 18 going on 19 but yeah whatever I am always a step forward from people in general.In every stages of life.Literary every stages even since when I was still a little baby so no worries.Yeah right no worries.Amen.

Really dunno what to say.Bye!