Eat,Pray,and Love

And here is an amazingly accurate story about how we usually feel.

I have been accumulating links and youtube videos here since I don’t know when.Life .has been hectic and tiring as hell this month. Sometimes things went wrong you know,you may not be pleased of it but the only thing you can do is to accept it and be grateful.I want to stay optimistic but it is really hard sometimes.This week I have succeeded the three first days without breaking apart but on Thursday I gave up.Partly maybe because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before and yeah everyone who knows me well know that I can be a real grouch when I didn’t sleep well.I don’t need long hours of night sleep,I can function well without any traces of shitty mood by only sleeping for 4-5 hours as long as there weren’t any nightmares in between.

My biggest problems now is that my dreams scared me.Both,literal dreams and future hopes.I mean,I am scared that I would fail and being the worst thing I have always feared’-well educated,brilliantly promising,and fading out into an indifferent middle-age’Sylvia Plath.I know I am taking a radical life choice now and everybody is questioning my sanity but deep in the core of my heart I know I still have that courage to believe and fight for my dreams.For my own life and freedom although it is against the ordinary system and rules.

I have just read this book Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert although I have watched the movie when I was in sophomore year.The book is so much more awesome than the movie of course just like the usual.Liz has put that fire back in my soul.She gives me courage and hope to fight for my own freedom in life regardless of how society may think about it.This book,indeed,has inspired billions strong,carefree,young women out there,who are all still fighting to believe that their rights to decide what to do with their own lives are absolutely legitimate.

So last but not least,I want to put my self-mantra nowadays here-To succeed in life you need 3 things:a wishbone,a backbone,and a funny bone! which in other words means To succeed in life you need 3 things: ambition,courage,and a sense of humour!That’s why I decided to cheer up and learn more about life and everything everything as I go along with it ❤

PS:if i really only have 12 years of true freedom in my life i definitely have to spend it wisely.i dont want to be stucked doing things i dont want to just because they expect me so.bye.i'm so done yeah.


Question Everything


Have you heard it before?The Flat Earth Hypothesis?Reaching this point in life where I find myself cannot believe anything anymore (not even myself),I guess this is actually the worst time to find this theory.I came across a video by Geotimes Indonesia a few days ago about an interview session with The Flat Earth Society Indonesia and since then I cant help but feeling curious about this.I have watched a lot of videos about this,including videos that defend The Round Earth Theory and to be completely honest that first video I attached above is quite satisfying for my ego, somehow (I cant deny this)-I still cant believe I might have been wrong so far.What is actually important for me is not whether the earth is actually round or flat but the realization that I might have been believing the wrong thing in my whole life without even ever questioned its credibility before this.This realization led me to another thought.I suddenly realized that everything I have ever believed in my life as truths are actually just what I was told to be the truths.The right things are what my teachers and my parents and the society told as the right things.

So what is truth anyway?It is the reality,the fact,something that is not made by any assumptions.But problem is how can we know what the reality is if we were not the one who witnessed it?If we,in fact,never have the chance to proof something by our own freaking eyes?(in this case,well,not all of us ever had the chance to go to space and see the shape of the earth).And,ugh,can you even trust your eyes anymore?Our eyes are made of hundreds of light receptors and what we see is actually what our brain interprets from those light receptors’ inputs.If something when wrong with your light receptors,you will see a complete different picture.If you have acute colorblind from when you were born and no one ever told you about that,you will spend your life believing that the world is just black and white.So if this is the case,is it wrong for someone to say that you were wrong?That the world is actually colorful and you are abnormal?

That analogy above,I think is suitable to be compared to our point of views too.Every single human being has different ways of thinking.I am not sure if this has something to do with the neural pathways but I am pretty sure that just because someone says the world is just black and white means he/she is wrong because he/she has a valid reason to believe it.Just because the majority can see different spectrums of light it doesnt mean they are the one who right.How if God actually created the first human beings as colorblinds and we are all just products of mutation over the time?Ha!what are you going to say now,normal sighted people?It is true the world is black and white if you see it from the colorlind’s perspective.So why do you think you can justify yourself to say that somebody’s way of thinking is wrong?If a group of people’s beliefs or ideologies are wrong?To say that some people who live with a different lifestyle are abnormal???Just because they are different from the majority is that mean they are wrong??

I am sorry I know that I have shifted so far far away from my first topic about science hehe but this is how my brain works.It jumps from scientific analysis to politics then to poetry and then international security and everything you can thing of,just name it.Ha.So,back to Flat Earth Theory,tbh I am still not convinced.I still think that the evidences for Round Earth Theory are just stronger.I mean my logic says that the arguments for Round Earth Theory are more acceptable,logically acceptable.But still in science its true that we have to be sceptical and open for any possibilities because this is how science grows right?I am not completely against it tho some of the arguments also make sense to me but I am not just convinced enough.Plus again at this point I also wonder if my mind has been crafted by the education I have endured this long so that I cant be convinced easily about anything against that so to be called “basic science” I have been told before?I dont know.Like I have said before,and this time maybe it already sounds like a broken record to you all-I Question Everything.

I want to go to bed now.Maybe back tomorrow with recent life updates!See ya! ❤

PS:the second vid says that NASA and ISS might have lied and covered the truth from us about science .I dont think this makes sense.I mean why should they lie about the shape of the earth?seriously whats the benefit for them???