New Fav Korean Products <3

I dont know what is wrong with me.I am done with my personality quizzes addiction phase and now I am in korean products addiction phase.Everything started from when Maggie went to Malay last June and asked me if I want to buy some korean sheet masks so I think it is fair to think that she is actually responsible for my current obsession lol ( this is me trying to blame someone for my current excessive online shopping ).At that time actually I was not really thrilled with the idea of korean sheet masks because sheet masks will just be sheet masks,nothing special.But then it turned out that I was wrong.Korean sheet masks are awesomee.They are highly hydrating and soothing and smell so good.Aloe is my favorite for hydrating while roses smell so good and if you are looking for something for making your face brighter and radiant,you should go for shea butter and white rice.As for the brands I have been using everything from inisfree to nature republic to skinfood and like them all but so far nature republic still remains my fav.I use them once a week at night especially after aan awful,hectic day.They make my tired skin smoother,more elastic,and healthier.They also somehow help me to relax and sleep better.Yes,I have problems to fall asleep I dont know why.

Sheet masks were just a start because I also have been trying many other korean beauty products such as etude house vanilla matte bb cream,eyeshadows,lip tints,and skinfood 99% Aloe Vera gel which I really like.This is actually a multifunction soothing gel you can use it for your whole body but I mainly use it for my face as sleeping mask or make up base and for my lips for lip balm.This save me a lot of money because I dont have to buy moisturizer and lipbalm as separate products anymore.This gel makes my face smoother and reduces skin inflammation problems such as acne or kind of.I reaaly love this product,highly recommended!Plus I want to kiss the inventor.

Last but not least,I want to update my current life events here.Uni lyfe hasnt officially begin yet but have done my orientation week.I have to live in a boarding house this month because at the start of the semester my schedule is so hectic here with all of those clubs’recruitments and everything.Adulting is hard,thats the lesson from my very first week living alone here,but also luckily I am a person who quickly adapt with every situation so yeah basically I am fine and I survive,and I know I have to,just have to,survive whatever will come next.Wish me luck guys.

PS:I am typing this with 10 fingers rules yayy it turned out that I actually can do so many things I thought I never could if I have enough self discipline
PPS:guess who just did some more shopping today?Just bought la vie en rose liya’s pink and the color is shockingly bright but it is still okay laa
Just got home from Stephanie’s farewell before she started med school in Jakarta next september,food was good and it was nice to have a proper meet up with old familiar friends after spending the whole week trying to make new friends with people I never know before..
There will be church tomorrow and mum would kill me I didnt wake up on time so byeee see ya.


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