The Do Something Law

This week has been pathetically hectic and yesterday was the craziest.I cant deny that I have been learning a lot of things these past few weeks.I have to solve my own freaking problems and it surprised me that I actually dont know some basic simple things in life.For example,last week I found myself struggling to open a canned food.I felt stupid because how come I have been living my life for a whole 18 years without knowing how to open a canned food!!
Well I actually have so many stories I can ramble about them for a whole 10 pages but I guess I am just not in the mood of repeating and recalling memories of a tiring week which has just past *thanks God.Some significant events that happened are :
1.I decided to join the university magazine as online reporter and I have done several interviews with one more to go this Monday
2.I learn how to be organised for the first time in my life.Not only managing my time but also my money because living by yourself acquires you to know how to spend your income wisely.Uni has me to buy books and expensive ditionaries ugh
3.A lecturer of mine gave us a welcome speech and I think I will never forget her words forever.She said things that all make sense to me and have been proofed to be so true and useful for me.She told us that being an adult means being responsible of things that we did,on purpose or not on purpose.Most of the time,problems occurs unpurposefully.We never mean to forget things ungracefully,we never mean to leave our keys at home or not doing an assignment we didnt even know was given.We never purposefully putting ourselves in mortifying situations but life sometimes does put us there.And what should we do if we have been in that situation?Do something.That’s the basic rule.Dont just wait for life to pass unless you will end up feeling bad for yourself.Even when you dont have any idea what to do or when you feel like your attemps are so pathetic and unhelpful,just do something about it to make yourself feel good.To make yourself know that at least you have tried.That at least you didnt just give up and wait for the universe to flow.The universe doesnt just revolve around you.It’s about everybody else but it is you who is responsible with your own life.You dont like your salary?You dont like your apartment?You dont like your family?You loathe your job and your friends?Well,thats your fault.You are the one who can change everything and no one else is in charge for it.
4.If I have actually learnt something besides graphing parabola from highschool ,it must be this : Don’t expect too high unless you will be dissappointed more.Dont aim to be the best in doing anything.Just aim to do everything better than you have before.In other words-be realistic and dont you ever compare yourself to others.
5.Learn to be alone because no one will stay forever.Uni lyfe is highly solitary.You do everything by yourself.You dont have classmates.They keep on changing in every subjects you enroll and since I am suck in remembering people this makes it even worse but because I have always been alone my whole life so there isnt any remarkable loneliness.
PS:Just visited Kat’s page before logging in here and I am so happy she is back into blogging againn!
PPS: A song she attached there on a page “Wasn’t Expecting That”is soo good I cant stop listening to it even now Im still listening to it while typing this.

Looking forward for another beautiful week.I hope I will survive everything and enjoying every moment possible in my academic school life period because I know this will not last forever and time flies so fast I want to cry.At this very moment I am trying very hard to gather myself to get up and doing something useful instead of lamenting the facts that I cant revisit my history and memories,repairing every damages and heartaches in every wrong turns I have faced before.

Uhm okay so before Im getting too melancholic and annoying I decided that I have to stop here today.See ya next time!Laf ya always!

resharing this from Kat’s blog cause it is sooo lovely to listen to seriously I cant stop ❤


The Geeky Girl Is Still A Geek

Tired means tired.When you feel tired you actually feel at all that is what tired really is. What a fool I have been this long,thinking that feeling tired means that you are overwhelmed by everything all you want to do is just shutting the world down,while actually it is the complete opposite.Being tired is when you cant feel anything anymore and your chest is empty you dont even remember how it feels,to have emotions.
So if from my last two entries you thought that your geeky girl has somehow magically changed into some shallow, bubbly ,pretty little girl,HA I assure you now that you were REALLY WRONG.What actually happened was just I was tired of everything,literary everything.I’m even tired of being myself.I’m tired for always being the unordinary,the different one,the quirky one,name it,label me I don’t care anymore.This is why I decide to give it a try.I try to not think too much,wear more make ups,visiting current hits spot in town with a bunch of chatty girls friends,and everything everything blah.Aaand….did I enjoy it?Being shallow??LMAO,NO.It was all fun games at first but after a few days it exhausted me,and after a few weeks I gave up.A leopard cant change its spot so I think all I have to do is just be me and let everything happen.For my korean beauty products obsessions,everything I wrote in my last entry is true but what I didnt tell you is that I am still that kind of person who read all of the chemical ingredients of my blush on and skin toner before buying and using it.I freaking googled it and now I have been a self claimed expert in this field.I read about the difference of AHA and BHA and why they are good for curing acne and smoothing your skin, I read about oleic acid and linoleic acid and now I understand really well that they are the reason why hampseed oil and jojoba oil are always being prescripted by my dermatologist.In short-I still cannot be one of those girls who buy cosmetics just based on the pretty packaging without thinking anything else,I just cant.
What I want to say here is that some people who always engaged themselves in academic related activities,such as reading,writting,debating,listening to academical lectures and even watching political news,are always being labelled as nerds or smarty pants or maybe even a genius.This is bias,this really is.People who read non fiction science or Shakespeare in their spare time,or those who listen to political debate on radios every evening, are not always smarty pants or geniuses.But one thing for sure is that they are people who want to be smarter and better,people who want to improve themselves,expanding their minds,and opening their eyes.They are people who think they are not good enough and that’s why they keep on learning,and that ‘s why I never stop learning.

I have been watching Michael Sandels videos since hols and to be completely honest I’m in love with them.Sandel is a really intelligent man with tons of thought provoking questions and I cant help but loving him.I highly recommend these series for those who have been tired of 50 Days of Summer and looking for something deeper and harder to comprehend.Oh and also,after finishing Grisham I actually gave myself a break by reading an easier and happier book-That Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han so maybe the review will come in next post.I’m really sleepy now so see ya!
PS: currently reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and actually it is good I cant put it down
PPS: If I am learning something this week it must be self discipline and time management I have always been on time these days!Wish luck to maintain this improvement!I’m trying!!!

New Fav Korean Products <3

I dont know what is wrong with me.I am done with my personality quizzes addiction phase and now I am in korean products addiction phase.Everything started from when Maggie went to Malay last June and asked me if I want to buy some korean sheet masks so I think it is fair to think that she is actually responsible for my current obsession lol ( this is me trying to blame someone for my current excessive online shopping ).At that time actually I was not really thrilled with the idea of korean sheet masks because sheet masks will just be sheet masks,nothing special.But then it turned out that I was wrong.Korean sheet masks are awesomee.They are highly hydrating and soothing and smell so good.Aloe is my favorite for hydrating while roses smell so good and if you are looking for something for making your face brighter and radiant,you should go for shea butter and white rice.As for the brands I have been using everything from inisfree to nature republic to skinfood and like them all but so far nature republic still remains my fav.I use them once a week at night especially after aan awful,hectic day.They make my tired skin smoother,more elastic,and healthier.They also somehow help me to relax and sleep better.Yes,I have problems to fall asleep I dont know why.

Sheet masks were just a start because I also have been trying many other korean beauty products such as etude house vanilla matte bb cream,eyeshadows,lip tints,and skinfood 99% Aloe Vera gel which I really like.This is actually a multifunction soothing gel you can use it for your whole body but I mainly use it for my face as sleeping mask or make up base and for my lips for lip balm.This save me a lot of money because I dont have to buy moisturizer and lipbalm as separate products anymore.This gel makes my face smoother and reduces skin inflammation problems such as acne or kind of.I reaaly love this product,highly recommended!Plus I want to kiss the inventor.

Last but not least,I want to update my current life events here.Uni lyfe hasnt officially begin yet but have done my orientation week.I have to live in a boarding house this month because at the start of the semester my schedule is so hectic here with all of those clubs’recruitments and everything.Adulting is hard,thats the lesson from my very first week living alone here,but also luckily I am a person who quickly adapt with every situation so yeah basically I am fine and I survive,and I know I have to,just have to,survive whatever will come next.Wish me luck guys.

PS:I am typing this with 10 fingers rules yayy it turned out that I actually can do so many things I thought I never could if I have enough self discipline
PPS:guess who just did some more shopping today?Just bought la vie en rose liya’s pink and the color is shockingly bright but it is still okay laa
Just got home from Stephanie’s farewell before she started med school in Jakarta next september,food was good and it was nice to have a proper meet up with old familiar friends after spending the whole week trying to make new friends with people I never know before..
There will be church tomorrow and mum would kill me I didnt wake up on time so byeee see ya.