12 Things You Need To Remember If You Are Struggling To Believe That You Will Ever Find Love

Don’t laugh!Don’t you even dare to have the ‘idea’ of laughing,okay?So,I’m basically writing this because people these days keep on bugging me with questions like this:
“Are you asexual?”or”Are you lesbian?”or even “What’s wrong with you?Are you normal?”

At first,I didn’t take this too personally but you know 她们接二连三的问提 finally succeed in ruining my inner peace.I think that’s why I start googling things like that article above and even doing “what my sexuality is quizzes”online.Of course I deleted all of my histories in my browser because how if somebody (read:my parents) find out??If I’m not mistaken I did a test on and do you know what it said about my sexuality?I got that big caps locked “YOUR RESULT IS CONFUSING” thingy popping up on my screen,cool.Hey allthetestsdotcom I went into your page at the first place because I was confused and I obviously dont need your approval.I am basically 50 % heterosexual,30 % pansexual,10% bisexual,10% asexual,and 0% homosexual.No wonder the algorithm was confused,heh?

People (including you girls in that photograph abovee) keep on asking me “Are you sure you never fall in love?”Then thanks God I found that article from ,go read it,I promise it is worth the length haha.My conclusion after reading that article is that nothing is WRONG with me.I’m 100% normal and healthy.Okay for those who always giving me nightmares by asking questions ive mentioned,chill world chill,I’m 18 not 38,okay.We are still so young,anything can happen in a very short amount of time.There is still hope.Some people maybe can find love at age 12,some at 16,some at 22,some at 30,who knows?I just go with the flow.I dont want to force myself or punishing myself with social judgement anymore I’m having enough of it.I want to live my life to its fullest potential,making friends as many as possible,both boys and girls,helping others,learning skills I always want to but never have the chance(boxing,swimming,riding a bike,playing baduk,10 fingers typing,you name it),or maybe even saving the world by reducing carbon monoxide production from my vehicle,or anything but stressing over problems and judgments society creates.

So my conclusion is that I write this post to clarify to all of you people that from the bottom of my heart I know I’m heterosexual,you cant be 100% in anything,start to see the world as hundred shades of grey instead of black and white,okay?Based on that casual online test,I maybe 50% hetero and 50% chaotic but hey some people who can confidently saying they are sure what their sexuality is may also get result as confusing as mine so dont judge.I’m not being sexist or something here,I absolutely respect people who are homosexual,pansexual,asexual,or sapiosexual.I don’t value people from their sexuality,what they owned,or what they believe in.I value you people from the way you interact with each other,the way you treat and respect other people with different backgrounds and mindsets.Here and now I only want to make it clear in what category I am in so that you won’t be confused anymore whenever I write something about human beings equality or kind of next time.I have to sleep now because driving lesson tomorrow will be at 6 in the morning byeee laf ya.

PS:That photo was taken at Gather Inc Cafe
Jalan Taman Puspa Raya Blok A2 No. 11, Made, Sambikerep, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60217
Food was pretty good but sorry I didnt manage to take any photo of them because I was hungry as heck
PPS: I recommend peanut butter and banana healthy bowl ,oh and pestapasta because they were soo good!!!


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