Rose Tinted Glass

Lessons learned this week:
1)I should move on from something I know for sure I dont wanna hold back or vice versa (dont want to hold me back) seriously
2)I should like really (immediately)stop seeing the world through rose tinted glass
3)Accept the reality although I dont like it at all
4)Don’t hope to high,yes I have to dream but don’t forget you are still living on earth not mars jo
5)Now I understand the idea of letting go and that all bitterness shall pass one day
6)Some people were really born assh*les so just detox them out from your life,moreover your heart
7)People who can hurt you the most are usually the ones who are close to you

I usually be that one friend you are looking for when you need advice.Any kind of advice,from how to graph a parabola,how glycolysis work,to several life advice like how do I live my life happily according to my own rules.But the table was finally turned these past few days.I was the one who asked for advice,the who cannot handle her own problems.I found myself desperately scrolling through my phone,looking for victims to be poured by my overwhelming emotion and ramblings.At one point I even found myself arranging a meet up,a face to face deep talk to relieve my anxiety and confusion.I luckily still managed to keep the emotional rage to myself and didnt end up crying or doing any other embarrassing things during the meet up.

This feels weird for me because usually I have never been an emotional person.I cover up really well.I mean yes I have bipolar mood swing inside me 24/7 but I never showed it to others.No one can tell how I feel just by looking at me because from the outside I am always so calm and cool headed.I hardly ever lost my temper in public because everytime I did,I did it here.I blog out my anger,like literary.But this time it is a different case.

Like I had mentioned before,I just got home from hols.Bali was so hype tho,I will never regret it.Late night talks(I enjoyed both deep and light),11 PM swimming (seriously),beach strolling on early mornings (this was mum idea),and everything everything.I swear I’m writing from my heart right now.So because of that,I thought when I got home I would be refresh and ready to live my life far happier than before.But is that what happened to me?Haha,no.Right after I got home I feel like a trash being thrown to hell.Of course I can easily blame my period for this but I know it was not just because of it.There is this problem that bothers my heart,eating up my energy and my clear mind became hazardous again.

In fact,I even couldnt get in here until today.I dont feel like I have the energy.Yesterday I watched Boss Baby and it was awful.The Pirates of Carribean(The Revenge of Salavar) is still far better.But sadly I couldnt get my fav caramel popcorn because I suddenly have cough and flu so sad.Maybe they are right,a confused mind will lead to a decrease in my immune system that’s explain everthing.I need my namaste now.

PS:speaking of namaste,i think should start yoga class again asap


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