Foolish Love

Hidup ini sederhana,manusianya yang rumit.Cinta tidak buta,manusianya yang mabuk.

There is a difference between making a mistake and repeating it over and over again.I should have known this long ago.All that I have ever had is just me myself.It’s true that it is kind of sucked if I myself is less than reliable but yeah whatever however it is still far better than trusting someone too much to just ended up being disappointed (again seriously what a fool I was).

I had give it a try but this is how it always ends.I’m tired of trying.I gave up.
I’m sorry this is not even a post and I dont know what else to write.I am in a mess now although I just got home from hols and hols was so good.Is this just my bipolar mood swing again?Or what again?

Special bonus: 38 Ways To Love Yourself


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