April Fools

“Hey, are you alright?”
“Haha,I wish I knew why.”

Have been repeating this imaginary conversation over and over again these last 72 hours.
I don’t know what is wrong with me.Something inside me terrifies me,I’m scared but I don’t know why,is this normal?I wish I had a little bit more normal mood swing than the one I have.Life like this is a tiring life.A week or two,I can be a happy person living her happy life,planing her happy future,then the next day she turns into a frustated,depressed,terrified person living her gloomy life and trying hard to figure out what should she do with it.Tell me ,please,is this even normal?

Education in my country feels wrong.After almost 12 years of education,I still don’t know how taxes or mortgages work,but I do know about the cells inside a freaking succulent leaf!I’m pretty sure about how DNA is being replicated in my nuclei,or how to calculate the exact time before a car hit a tree 34,223 meters in front of it,but still I don’t know how to manage my own money until I accidentally ran into a youtube video that recommends mints.com for it.The most important thing is that,after experiencing this myself,witnessing with my own eyes,I see these weird phenomenons happening in our life-students who just graduated from high school go to college to study a major while they barely even know what it is about.They just have an interest in it,or maybe their parents tell them to take it as their major because graduates from that major are likely to have a proper jobs aka well paid jobs.Some of my friends even don’t know what their passion actually is so they just follow whatever they are told to.The root of this problem,I think,is the lack of information and time for us to think about our future.I’m agree with an article I once read online which says that we should have a year break after we graduated from high school.To do volunteer works,having freelance jobs,and figure out what we actually want to do in our life.We are too busy with school workloads,exams,and tests until the end of the semester and then in August college has already started.This life,to be completely honest,is not a life.

Although this week has been so hard (mostly because of this sob mood) there is still things to cheer about:
1)School ends at 12 PM everyday
2)The amount of workloads and exams is finally reduced
3)I can have more ‘me time’ and breath regularly

And then it turned out that I’m not the only one having a hard time this week:

she has a hard time to adapt with her new school 加 油 !

well i’m sure this is just a phase,you will laugh at this soon

Today is April Fools and some of my friends are having their birthday.I wonder how it feels to have your birthday on April Fools,I mean it seems like your being here now is a kind of joke,isn’t it?No hard feelings please,I’m just wondering.

I had a good laugh smiled a lot just now,after I scrolled through my instagram feeds and found this

Wtheck this is so well said,he nailed it.”How To Live According To His Plan” loll I really cant stop giggling.Happy birthday to this one who always obey the rules no matter what.Cheers!

I dont know what else to say so maybe you can spend your time reading this worth-reading article,but I’m sorry it is in Bahasa,no English version.


See you soon!


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