Were We Born Liars?

Yes that is a rethorical question.Im blogging right from my phone again,exam will start at 1 PM so I can be here now,ready to ramble again.

I wonder what my first lie was and when did it happen.Was I still 6?Or 4?How can we start telling lies?Nobody ever taught us how to lie.Parents and priests kept on telling us not to lie because it is wrong and Im pretty sure that during my long period of education (until today) there is no such chapter entitled”How To Cover Your Lie” or “How To Be A Clever Liar”or maybe even “How To Manipulate Truth”.​But we all tell lies.We all do.

I wonder if I can try to live without telling lies again like before (by this I mean my very first years of life).Here,I want to admit that telling lies is like a drug,once you got in you cant stop doing.I cant stop thinking about this since yesterday,after I lied to a friend who turned out to be so innocent I feel bad for him/her (cant tell sorry).I then started thinking over this question “Why do we lie?”My best answer is that at first we lie when the condition makes us to.We lie to save ourselves from problems,from difficulties.If we dont face that hard situation we wont lie.For example your mum got angry because her vase is broken,you were scared to be grounded thats why you lied and told her it was her dog broke her vase.At the next level,we tell lies not because of urgency or to save ourselves from problems but to gain benefits from others.I think this is actually a basic principal in business.We lie to have profits not because we have to.If we dont lie actually its okay for us ,it wont give you problems but if we lie we can get something we cant when we dont.The last stage of this is we tell lies for no reasons,we just lie because we always lie that’s it.

I ever read a journal about the genes for lying.There is a study about humans brain and it said that there is this region in our cerebrum that is active whenever we lie.And this region is inherited from billion years ago which means that this character is evolutionary beneficial.Whoah.So I started thinking that maybe yes,lying is beneficial for human beings’survival,especialy in this modern era but still we know telling lies is wrong.Covering the truth is not what we naturally suppose to do,we have to search truth not covering it I dont know what is the conclusion of this post.What i want to say is if we all were born with that region in our cerebrum which enable us to lie,werent we all born as liars???

This is lol 


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