Something We Don’t Know

Just found my old year book and diary.I cringed a lot while reading it,thinking how I could even had the nerve to write something so cheesy like that lol.Year book is so funny I can read my elementary’s friends handwriting and laughing over their cheesy and poetic quotes haha.Then I wonder if one day I will scroll through my phone screen and cringe too while reading this post.This idea to put my diary online feels like a good idea at this moment but 20 years later?I don’t know.Maybe I will even regret this post,or maybe I will feel grateful I wrote this today so that I can have something to feel nostalgic to.Yes,I’m that sentimental.

Answering your questions about where I have been this long without any activities in wordpress,I have been in school most of the day and when I’m not in school I’m working on school workload yay.Senior year can be tricky.It can be your best year because it is your last but also your worst because of its super hectic aka depressing schedule ha.For me myself,I finally can get into here because finally we can have 2 days break before exams start again next week *say yay to my life*.I don’t know about my life but at least I finally can decided to take literature as my major instead of medicine in the university.I’m tired but not lifeless.I’m already reaching that point in life where I realized stressing over and worrying about my future won’t change anything.All I can do is just doing my best today.Like I have said before I just found my old diary and I cringed a lot.I wrote it when I was 8 and at that time the entries didn’t feel funny or cheesy to me ,it was seriously,carefully written (with the glittery pen and stickers and all).I didn’t know that one day I will laugh over it or even worst-cringed while reading it.This,reminds me that there are certain things in our life that we don’t know and will never know until the time comes.This is the mystery of life and what beautiful is hopes can occur because of this.If we already know everything that will happen in our future life,obviously,there is no such thing as hopes and possibilities.The infinite future makes everything is possible and realizing this is really a relieving feeling.No one can escapae oblivion and now I can deal with it,no more worries,no more over thinking I have tried my best.

Looking forward for the Bali Trip at the end of the semester.I can’t help but feeling exited because everybody do so.

I want to sleep in peace now!Good night!

I want to sleep in peace now!Good night!



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