I am turning 18 today and really i am not exaggerating it today has been awful.First I had my period and the cramps is freaking painful then there is also this huge pimple on my left cheek for the world to see.As if this is not enough I caught a really bad cold and I had to sleep all evening although tomorrow we will have finals.Well actually today is the first day of finals.

At school i got my phys try out score out today and I failed it.Sometimes it feels unfair that students who tried to study and did the test honestly got bad marks while students who cheated got a freaking higher mark.uh.Then there is also PE.I cannot play volley.The coach kept on motivating us (read:me and cha”) and asked us to follow his instructions although it was obvious enough that we couldnt bear it no matter what we were fatigued why he couldnt tell arghh.

So basically what i am truly saying is that today was not a really good day but i am trying to be optimistic and i believe that good days and bad days both await us and we will face them and we will survive .

Ps : i hope today will end soon byeee

Here it is another fresh torturing week is waiting us muahh we will survive we will


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