Perfect Strangers

Blogging right away from my phone,ready to complain about chem again ahaha so yeah I failed one last week and is still going to have another one tomorrow thats why iam basically in a foul mood now.I found that annoying guy i ever known in my life is a actually also super sensitive and thats why im also in the mood of annoying him back for revenge now i dont know how long he will stay mad at me but really i dont even care.About the video above well I found it weeks ago while surfing YouTube and I thought it was so funny.When I was little I was very fond of Disney princesses and I literally bought things with their pictures but as I grow up I realize that most of the stories are illogical or even feel like a blatant lie.This is what they didnt tell you : everybody want to see her falling,to see her tiaras broken into pieces.Everybody envy her not really admire her.

Here is my thoughts over some stories of these princesses :

1) Rapunzel.She is being humiliated during mankind history as an idiotic pretty girl with super strong hair.I mean if she really had hair that is so strong it can be climbed by a prince why didn’t she escape far before the prince come?She can easily tie her hair at the castle window’s frame and jump down until she reach the ground then cut her freaking long hair to free herself,why should be waiting so long?

2)Sleeping Beauty.Aurora is technically has been on earth for 116 years old when she woke up and married.Although there was this magic spell that make her stay young forever but please if I were the prince I won’t marry somebody who was born before my grandma.

3) Cinderella.I only have one question for this story:what is Cinderella’s shoe size?Why the heck women the whole country tried it but nobody can even managed to get her foot in??I’m pretty sure I still can borrow my mom or my friend’s shoes although the size is not exactly like mine.

4)Little Mermaid.Why when Ariel when to the witch she asked for poison to have legs not to help her breath outside the water?Do mermaids have lungs?its far more crucial right?Well I don’t really know about this I never googled whether mermaids breath using lungs or not but I just wonder

5)Beauty and The Beast.Well this is the most realistic story compared to the previous but still now I see this with a total different way from when I was little.Back to that time I thought the moral values of this story is that appearance doesn’t matter it is your heart and character that matter but now I know better:it doesn’t matter if you are ugly or very bad looking,as long as you have a castle and enough money,you can get Belle kissing you and saying how much she loves you.

So the point is I have changed a lot until I can’t recognize myself anymore.Im a perfect stranger to myself.People change,I know I just can’t believe the change can be like this,something I never thought I could be before,that is what I am now.

I have to sleep now,wish me luck for chem!Love ya!


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