2017 Resolution

I have been lack of self discipline in 2016 so of course I couldn’t fulfill all of my resolutions back then.I don’t want lamenting over this fact any longer because this is new year and that’s means a new start.I know there are a lot of things I need to mend in my life but I decide to be realistic and aim some simple goals to achieve this year,lets just get started.
1)Stay healthy,keep in shape.To achieve this all you need to do is just do exercise regularly.
2)Sleep and study well,in a balance.
3)Overthink less
4)Have more self discipline
5)Be confident of your own choices instead of listening others endless negative comments
6)Spend less time on electronic devices
7)Read more books (I only read 11 books,it was 55% from my 20 books goals)
8)Back to your writing habit
9)Eat more fruits
10)Be grateful

PS: Suddenly obsessed with Tibet and baking videos



  1. vibystrong · January 3, 2017

    Good luck and happy new year!


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