Prisoners Of Time

Somos prisioneros del tiempo | We are prisoners of time  pict creds to @belilabelle

Somos prisioneros del tiempo | We are prisoners of time
pict creds to @belilabelle

Speaking about time,it’s has been a while since my last post.I actually have been thinking to post about Belila Belle since months ago but it seems like I never actually have the time!She is Mexican a photographer,art director,and realism poet and her works are totally awesome,especially this one.The pictures and the captions are always deeply related and outstanding,they make you think, urge you to sit down and reflect about it for a while.Everytime I did it,I ended up wondering and being amazed about how genius she is.That photo up there and the caption is related to each other.If I came across to that photo of a Daniel Wellington Watch with concrete pillars bounding its owner’s hands without reading the caption,I could have passed it and continued to scroll down and missed a masterpiece.Also if I only read the caption without any photos with it,I won’t get the feel as when there is an illustration completing it.Belila expresses her provoking thoughts in one or two sentences with a picture and as we all can see,she is really good at it.

All of us can never ever escape time.It’s funny for me to think that I often don’t have time for blogging or reading or for work out while time is actually always there.You never actually live your life without time being passed,it always goes on with you,with your life.The concept of time itself has been confusing me until now.I never really understand it.I am always interested in this subject although to be completely honest,trying to understand a wormhole diagram or relativity theories makes me feel like a total loser.I read it while I am alone and nobody is watching me because I just don’t feel like people know this.I know it’s weird for a 17 years old student slaving over wormhole theory diagram in her free time but yeah I have said this for a 1000 times to you that I’m weird all you can do is just to deal with it.

Days by days passed,months by months,then years by years.Suddenly I’m already in my senior year and I’m going to turn 18 next year and I’m terrified as heck.What is time and where it goes?This is one of my biggest questions in life.Reaching 8th grade I finally concluded that time is maybe just an illusion.It doesn’t actually exist but it is there.Yeah,so damn clear and understandable right??Pardon me.I thought that the concept of ‘years,months,weeks,days,minutes,and seconds’ is created by mankind,isn’t it?So,basically it is just an illusion,an abstract concept we created to organize our life,to mark some important events ever happened in mankind history,to report and highlight life.If I create my own time concept like 22 ticks of the clock means a seconds and 66 ticks means a minute,I don’t change the time itself.Time still goes on.I don’t change anything,I only change the way how to measure time just like there are many ways to measure lengths an inch means 2,5 cm etc.That’s why when people ask me ‘What time is it?’my brain always processing so many possibilities.That question can be answered by ‘ we are 3 hours earlier before the breakfast’ instead of ‘It’s 4 Am!’Uh okay I don’t want to think further about this because my head hurt.I will continue to talk about this later,let’s just move the topic to something lighter.About this week,my hormone fluctuation has been a bipolar pendulum once again and what is sad about it is that even when now I have been so MINDFUL and TOTALLY AWARE about it I still can’t change anything.I can’t control it,my emotion,my sadness,my sudden anger.I mean,in my mind,in my head,I am self-conscious about some responses my body gives and I try to control it,I try to get rid off feelings because I don’t like it,it makes life harder,but I failed.I think I can give it a try again next time because nothing is worse that knowing than you can’t control your own being,that your freedom is actually being violated by your own stupid hormone fluctuation darn it.I want to be in control of my own happiness,is this too much to ask?

Just watch a good movie,this is fun and worth to watch!4/5 stars from me!

Have a good night!See ya next ‘time’ ahahha!


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