Sometimes it feels weird to realize how fast time flies.Like I have said before last week we had a photo-shoot for our year book already.I can’t believe I will leave school soon.I have been a student my whole life,spend 75% of my life for school or doing school project or olympiad.Probably that’s why I am scared.How my life will be without morning classes,chem exams,and tons of school workloads?I actually love changes but somehow this change feels too much for me.The idea of turning 18 next year also scares me somehow.Like I have been consuming oxygen for nearly 2 decades but still I haven’t done anything good yet for this planet.I want to matter.I always want.Actually I want to write about my opinion about education (esp senior high school edu) in my country here but I have promised you that this one will be a post about our photo-shoot detail so let me just start without further ramblings.


It was a Sunday morning and it was humid as heck.We arrived at the location at 8 am (after done with make up stuffs ugh but what I love from Renny Su make up is that she is so professional she could do the entire make up in 30 mins and the make up turned out to be so natural the way we want it) and the sun was already shining so bright I could have fainted lol.That’s not all because when we got deeper into the woods it got even hotter,more humid,and as if that’s not slaughtering enough,more mosquito-s!So many mosquitos we couldn’t stand.There was nothing fancy happened and everything is (like usual) not as good as expected.Thanks God I have been adapted to live without expectations so yeah basically no remarkable disappointments.I don’t know what to say more about this, let’s just let the picture do the talking…

MUA by Renny Su,photographed by Tristan

MUA by Renny Su,photographed by Tristan

yes,i have photogenic friends

yes,i have photogenic friends

PS:today so many students didn’t go to school because we are all scared of the chaos issued to happen in Jakarta,I still went to school tho because I’m reaching that point when I don’t care what will happen with my life anymore then I started thinking what’s actually wrong with me I’m living in a climate of fear but I don’t even feel a thing I’m so serene

“Life is like an echo,what you send out,comes back.”


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