Women’s Role in Asian Culture[s]-tuesday deep thots

we have different shapes of faces,different hairstyles,etc yet we still respect each other,this is why I like you

we have different shapes of faces,different hairstyles,etc yet we still respect each other,this is why I like you

Last weekends were so hectic.I went to Maggie’s house on Saturday morning then we visited The Big Bad Wolf Book fair at Jatex together.There were sooo many books I could cry!Omg I couldn’t believe that was real!There were so many books from different genres such as fiction,self-help,children books,recipes books,etc,and the best part is the prices!Most of the books there costed around IDR 45k-60k (USd 4,5-6),can you believe me???This is heaven on earth!I was so freaking exited!exited!We were strolling around there,picking books and magazines for about 4 hours before we finally realized that we hadn’t had lunch and we were starving.We had lunch there before we left.All evening until 11 pm we watched The Memoirs of A Geisha.I was the one who suggested it because I ever read at Kat’s blog about she liking this movie so much but maybe this time we don’t share the same taste on movies because I honestly think that this movie is a bit boring.There is no remarkable conflict and the plot is so predictable.Maggie is agree with me about this.I still like the Japanese landscape and cultures (the beautiful sakura,pretty kimonos) tho.We also had a good laugh about how ridiculous Geisha’s shoes were.I mean,a reaally huge wooden wedges with pointy slope in front are you kidding me?How can somebody even walk 3 meters with it without being stumbled?That’s obvious you can hurt yourself in it.Basic physics rules.I don’t have to get a straight As to know that.Oh and I can’t help myself from thinking about the role of women in Asian Cultures.It’s right being a geisha means being a walking art.You have to understand music,dance,the art of making tea,and even the art of making love,but well what’s the point of them doing this?To entertain men.Yeah,obviously.The Mizuage tradition is actually nearly the same from modern prostitute,isn’t it?At the end of the story Mameha told Chiyo that being a Geisha is not a choice and being a Geisha means they don’t have a choice,they don’t have rights to have their own wills,even the right to choose who to be their dannae.In some points I even feel that they are more like a commodity to be sold rather than a human being.This is not funny and reflects how women’s independence to lead their own lives are always being violated from civilizations to civilizations.Even now.We are always forced to change ourselves as the idea of beauty in our cultures,which is in Asian cultures means having a slender body and fair skin.People say that society has evolved a lot and stories like the Geisha’s has been long forgotten.People say that equality is real and we don’t have to worry anymore,is that right?Maybe it’s not as hard core as what happened in 1940s but still I often feel that women are still living in that circumstances in this century,it’s just not as frontal and obvious as it used to be.

For example,I listened to a song ‘Sepatu’by a local singer.Sepatu means Shoes in Bahasa.There is a lyric that goes like this “Aku sang sepatu kanan dan kau sang sepatu kiri”(read:”I’m the right pair of the shoes and you are the left”),and the singer is a guy so technically it means the guy is the right shoes and his girlfriend is the left one.Aha and we all know that in our society right is always the first one,the priority when left is just the opposite of right,something to complete the right.I don’t know why I even thought about this or why I can’t just listen to the song,enjoy the melody without thinking about equality issues but this is me.A person who have tendency to make everything even more complicated than ever.So,just get used to,to it.I love you!Sorry for giving you a headache in your peaceful night!Time for you to relax and for me to study math! See ya!

ps: about the photo above,we had a photoshoot for yearbook last Sunday,more photos are coming on the next post including the details about it hopefully


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