Things go wrong very easily.Hearts easily break,feelings easily hurt,people easily annoyed.Next week is mid tests already,how funny.I feel like I’m living my daily life every day just to do a test!An exam after another.I never like it,you know the feeling of being judged just by what you wrote down at those freaking test papers,ignoring all the whole process of learning we have been through.Just watched Our Times and there was a quote I really love,it was when 林真心 (Lin Truly) said to the new director that their score doesn’t define them.There may be some errors.A person can be way better than you but still have low grades.A girl who sings beautifully doesn’t have to understand math to be a successful singer,a guy who plays basketball well need his physical fitness more than a straight A on his physics exams.I don’t know why I just think that our education is going on a very wrong way.It seems like music and PE are always being on the last bottom hierarchy of our education.This,actually should have put me in a beneficial situation since I am no good at either music or PE and doing quite good at science (not math okay) and literature but yeah I do know some of my friends who genuinely are music geniuses or ‘great dancers’wannabe but still none of them decided to take music or dancing as their major in the University later.Why?Because they think it son’t support them with a god job(read:well paid job) when they soon graduated which I think is totally wrong.I mean,doctors and engineers are not THE ONLY happy people in this world!Oh come on I know it is difficult to be a REALLY famous singer or writer or dancer who produces a LOT of MONEY but hey do you think that being a doctor or an engineer with a LOT of MONEY is easy?Especially when you 100% know that you don’t like biology or physics which guaranteed you to not liking your job soon?You can be rich if you be an engineer,is that right?Yes if you are a skillful engineer!By that I mean,yes if you are truly talented at that and have enough passion to do your job not just because the sake of money but because you actually like it.I’m freaking tired now.I have so many things to do,tests to revise,etc.But that’s not allNot surprisingly (this is what I learnt from english this month:you better not using but at the beginning of a sentence),that’s not all.There is still this teen hormone fluctuation working inside me,producing any kind of emotion such as heart breaks etc.You know it hurts very much when you realize that it was the wrong person you chose,that that person is not even like what you think.It hurts even more than not being loved back believe me.It feels like a yeah I don’t know.Im getting weird.See ya!