I Don’t Know My Name

I’m a bit under the weather this week.This because I went swimming last Sunday although it was so windy and the water was also freezing cold.It is funny to think about how I was forcing myself to keep swimming that time because I want to stay healthy during the following week that is full of exams.Yeah and thing is I’m sick after swimming!Yay!I was still okay until Monday evening but I got fever that night so I was absent on Tuesday and having my physics and with a dizzy mind and red nose on Wednesday.On Thursday I forced myself to go to school to have math quiz and bio quiz (which turned out to be a bad idea because I had fever again after that) and yesterday I still had my chem test.So,long story short,my life has been so hectic and frustating.

Oh by the way have you listen the song?I don’t know my name by Grace Vanderwaals?It was so good I love the lyrics.I know I’m random but sorry I don’t know how to write properly and I don’t want to write properly in this condition,I just want to write that’s all.Oh remember how I nearly got into a quarrel with a friend of mine?We finally reached a breaking point.We really had a quarrel via chat in the middle of August because of a class schedule and a project and we didn’t speak for nearly 3 days and still weren’t in good terms until almost a week.Huh.This is my first time having argument with a person I swear and I think I don’t like it.I’m a peace lover.

This is my last year of school (I’m in the 12th grade already)and I’m scared of what will come.I’m stressed of everything and I think I could die anytime and then I realize I’m not ready to die because I’m also scared to know what I will come to when I die.Okay now this is getting weird maybe I’m still not healthy enough to write something sane ugh.

Oh actually today Livia ask me to prepare a birthday surprise for Kezia but I thought I have to go to school for science club recruitment simulation so I cancelled it.I couldn’t come for the simulation because I felt sick again this morning.By the way have I told you about the science club?I haven’t,have I?We create a new club called Institute of Science at school.And,I have to be honest that at first I was very pessimistic about this.I mean,science club in our high school?Are you kidding me?Who want to join?I was 100% sure there would be only 15 students from the whole school who are interested and no doubt they are all the nerds,geeks,and creepy quirky students.But guess what?There were 170 students registered and now we are panic,how can we choose the right person to be our member?And I also heard that the queen bee of the sophomore year is registered and her essay is so good,well written.Is this another jokes???

this is a promotion poster for the club

this is a promotion poster for the club

I’m already reaching that point of life you feel like you don’t recognize yourself anymore.It’s like when you look into the mirror and seeing a strange girl staring at you and you are just wondering ‘Who are you?What are you doing here?What have you done?How can you be like this?What’s your name?’Cool.I don’t know my name.

pale and without expression=totally me

pale and without expression=totally me

Please,life I know you always gives me lemon but just this time life please,please,please..give me sweet honey and milk.

PS:I know that friend I write about won’t read this that’s why I write it,but in case you have read this,hey don’t be mad I laf ya!


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