Yoga Session



Finals are over.And I survive.Still breathing here!(no hand claps and congratulations uh?)I passed all the subjects tho I don’t know what the result will be.It’s been a while since I logged into here.But I hope you are all still there,ready to hear my ramblings again,as usual.

So well,I sign up for a yoga session this holiday and I had my first session this evening at Kezia’s house together with Novita and Gaby.Novita who had ever do yoga before seemed enjoyed the whole session but the three others especially me who HATE any kind of sports and never have any attempts to be healthy before this were cringing and complaining all the time.You know,the teacher keep on motivating us like ‘I know you can do it!You have a flexible body!Just try!’and asked us to follow him doing all those impossible body postures.Yoga requires us to do stretching and body twitching with all the muscles relax and a positive mind while I can’t even reach for my toes without cringing.And my mind wandering when will this hour pass.But still I think I will keep on going with this throughout the holiday because I need to stay healthy and I had promised myself not to being too adsorbed to books and computer this hols.Beside,that post yoga feeling is actually really good!

Vinski and Cha” invited me to Book Exchanges group haha and we are going to exchange books during this month to save more money!I suddenly become interested in travelling,I collect catalogs,and read travel blogs and plan my future journey in my note book.I dont know why but really want to travel the world one day.

I don’t know what to write next I feel so tired but this is the comfortable and good feel of tired if you understand what I mean.I doesnt feel like the exhaustion you have after revising for an exam until mid-night or what.Well I never studied for an exam until mid night tho but some of my friends really did it.Sweating over derivatives and termodynamics until 1 AM,history and biology until 2.30 AM.Ugh,how can you guys be so dedicated?

I grew pimples on my right cheek and I have to admit it that this ruins my self esteem.Oh and just found out that I actually dont really like horror movie.It never scares me the time I watch it but then on the nights after I watch it I keep on replaying the scenes again and again on my brain and so that I can’t sleep bcs Im afraid of having night mares.Just ate a bar of Kit Kat while typing this and hoping that my throat is being nice this time.(just recovered from a 2weeks of tiring cough)

Don’t know what to say next so I will end it here.



  1. thesmilingpilgrim · May 25, 2016

    Lol congrats on your finals!


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