Health,Grades,and Other Things to Mend


April is over.That terrifying month oh gosh.I failed my math Idk why maybe just because my brain is not wired for solving its problems.I had my Chem this morning and it was okay but still I hope for the best thing to happen.I went to Agnes bday dinner yesterday and the salmon tartare on Guacamole was fresh and nice.I didn’t really enjoy the buttered chicken steak tho,it was somewhat so dry.The lava cake and strawberry ice cream was a perfect combination I’m so damn happy.Ah what should I write more?Life doesn’t bring me any goods yet but I know that everything is gonna be alright.Maybe yes I will cry tonight because my hormone fluctuation is just not in the right phase and I’m disappointed.I mean you know that feeling when you have tried your best sweating over a math but then you failed it while others who didn’t spend as great effort just went along with it??
Today is actually Cathlyn bday party but I have told you,dark places with loud music and crazy lightings is never been my thing,esp in this very low condition.
Weather is getting SUPER bipolar I’m confused as heck.Trust me being a weather forecaster these days is not a good idea.Last night I couldn’t sleep because it was soo damn hot and humid but this evening we got rains pouring heavily all over the town *sigh
We are facing the end of the world.Climate is changing drastically and our earth is dying but here we are!Human beings!We seem like we don’t care a thing.We are too busy with our own problems;math,finals,sickness,what else?
Okay so basically because I don’t go to the party today I’m here, supposed to be studying my mandarin but yeah I can’t handle this anymore.I have to release my burdens,all the things I can’t say out loud,wrecking balls inside my head,thawing my heart.My skin is so bloody icy so cold.I had fever few days ago (that’s why I failed math tho)and I still can’t get rid off my flu and cough till now.I have headaches randomly from time to time I don’t even know why.
Just drank a can of milk tea and cheese cake
Didn’t feel better just yeah like this


I should mend my life.My health.My grades.And all.Finals is near.Pray for me.


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