Things I have just found out about myself these weeks:
1.I’m already reaching that point of life where I don’t care anymore if you like me or not,if you do,cool,if you don’t it’s okaay
2.I’m totally tired of everything and I feel like don’t have any passions nor energy to do something even reading novels
3.I’m tired for sweating over math and physics because it feels useless bcs I don’t want to take them as my major in uni bleh, oh by the way I was wondering when I re-read my entries,it seems like I always complaining about chem on my posts although actually I never feel like chem is my biggest burden of life and dealing with math is way harder than that

4.I wonder if I had taken the wrong path again like why the heck I am taking science and not social?Because I’m not that good in socializing maybe???I’m not regretting my choice tho,I’m just wondering why.
5.I don’t care anymore if my hair looks good,or my face looks bright,or if people think I’m cool enough to be their friends or what.I don’t care a thing.
6.I’m scared of everything that will come.
7.I’m in love with Love Yourself and I just found out that Ed Sheeran is the one who actually wrote it
8.I am not in the mood of heart to heart talks,daily chats,or any kind of social gatherings or party
9.I want to sleep all day long without getting tired of it too
10.I desperately want to be healthy but I also don’t have that energy to go swimming
11.I love fresh chopped carrots eaten with salad dressing or dipped in thousand island sauce
12.I don’t know what to do for my life in following days.I just try to do my best in everything and try not to hurt and irritate or being irritated by anybody

*tomorrow is last day of school break and i will go to Jaddih Hills in Madura with Pini,Moses,and Kimchi for shooting
well just edit my entries and i think should add this:I didn’t go to Jaddih that day,15 mins before I left the house the told me it was not my take
so the conclusion of this post is : life is not getting easier but I’m reaching that point where I don’t care anymore about it so bye