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I love food, especially desserts, but I hate to cook. Yes, I’ve been known to yell at kitchen utensils. Luckily for me, my husband has adopted cooking and baking as a hobby, and made it his m…

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Hey there long time not hearing from me huh?I’m really sorry.Life is going crazy I don’t know what to post or where to start if you ask how life has going.I will see my dentist in 30 minutes and I should have been studying my chem *oh why you so gross but here I am.After preparing some pictures for my english speech tomorrow about abortion I decide to log in here and post something whatever it is.And yeah as soon as I got in my wordpress I saw this post about cooking for geeks haha.I can’t cook but I think it’s not too late to learn it right?Well,from the summary this book sounds great and I will surely put it in my read shelf.Ah what should I write now?

Despite that I have finally had my bio olymp last week and I have a ton of works and materials to catch up,nothing fancy has happened in my life.

*Charaqua bought me Supernova:Inteligensi Embun Pagi a few days ago and I nearly fainted how on earth can a person being soo nice to you even when you feel you don’t worth it?Maybe this is a reason for me to try to be more grateful in life *sigh bye!battery is getting low!!