There are too many things happened after my last post.I don’t even know how to start.I have my own life going on days after days months after months and I try my best to capture some moments in words,here,in my online journal.
I am in the first day of a 10 days break due to the 12th grade exams week and here I am.Confused.There are so many works to do,exams to prepare,books to read and also books to study *sigh.Just had dinner alone.I had fish curry and rice and chicken salad with tomatoes.

happiness depends on ourselves

Life goes so fast I can’t believe it.It feels like I was just started the semester but now it’s February already and we are going to face the mid semester again.I’m tired.Confused.Angry.I celebrated my birthday last Saturday.A pool side informal party.I will tell you more in another post.I just don’t have that energy to bluetooth the photos to my laptop now.

Basically today I woke up at 8.Ate breakfast ( tart with pink sugar icing and honeydew salad with tortilla chips),watered Carlotta ( a tiny winy curly plant I got from winning a biology competition 3 weeks ago),had a shower,got to my laptop and had a make-over to my blog (you can see the new header above right?and the ‘About’ page),studied my chem oh gosh why it is so gross,went to mandarin course,then finally when I got home at 6 I still had to finish my homework before I could have a hot bath.And finally here I am.Rambling nothing.Not sure about anything.And have to go back to read my physiology book soon.

Oh yeah last Friday I missed the bus and I had to wait for the next route for nearly an hour and guess what?It was suddenly raining dogs and cats I was surprised and didn’t bring umbrella so you know what happen next,I was drenched from top to bottom and got a headache after that.Cool.

I know my writing is getting boring.So that I call it momentum.I am stuck here.Confuse.Unable to do anything productive.Don’t know what life will bring me soon.

See ya!