The Geek is Back

Dear readers,I know I have been posting regularly on my blog now uwahh,despite the fact that I should like really studying now *actually but yah my mood is so gross and I feel so angry.I feel like I can burst into thousand pieces now and burn away with my temper.I don’t know why my mood swing is so annoying 24/7.I blame hormone fluctuation for this.Ugh.Okay so the point is that I miraculously now become a good blogger *not really pls Jo what’s good enough in your ramblings?* because this writing keep me sane,it gives me something to do.It gives me satisfaction.I’m currently re-reading a novel by a local writer Perahu Kertas.This is my first time re-reading novel!Maybe this sounds weird I mean I keep on hearing from everybody else that they keep on re-reading their favorite novels again and again but I have tendency to continuing the story with my imagination inside my head rather than re-reading what I have finished before.This time the case is different,I read Perahu Kertas a long time ago,back when I was still in the 7th grade and I actually was never really borrow it.I was just read it whenever I went to the library,day by day,pages by pages.So,I lost the plot although I remember that good feeling when you are reading a good book.I was just like ‘’ and went with the flow.I was also often lost the plot in the middle of the story because after I read a few chapters the day before,the next day I suddenly found another book that was so interesting for me to read yeah I left the novel abandoned for a loong time until one day I scanned the rack and continue my reading again.Sometimes it took time for me to recall the last scenes I have read but then I finally finished it.Ahaha I’m really a rambler,aren’t I??

I had a youtube video marathon yesterday and for the first time in my life I watch Zoella’s vids and to be completely honest I don’t like her videos at all.She is a rambler on you tube and I’m too impatient to hear her talking about her new shades and brushes.For any of her fans who are reading this NO HARD FEELINGS everybody has their own opinions.I also found an amazing channel by Lilly Singh-Superwoman.I love her.She is ludicrous and smart and open minded oh how I’m dying to meet more people like her in real life…

Steph’s party was just like another parties.Maybe dark places with loud music and crazy lightnings are just never been my thing.I dressed up like a hippie .I didn’t mean it to be like that but I was happy with the result tho.I wore my black jumpsuit with white stripes and slippers and a headband with artificial pears and flowers on my corolla.And everybody was keep on staring looking at me as if they were asking the unspoken question:”Who is this girl getting lost in a party like this?”

I got this pict from Katina’s blog and it doesn’t make sense to me.I mean I’m crying and screaming like a baby to my pillows every night and I also feel like nobody ever get me but what do you mean by real girls??Of course I’m a real girl,I’m not the Plastics you know that.

this doesn't make sense to me

this doesn’t make sense to me

I’m also quite love this song :

Or maybe I simply love Birdy?I don’t know.See ya,I should go back studying.
PS: The party theme was Alice in Wonderland but I changed it myself into Alice in Hippie Land


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