Full yet Futile

What happened this weeK:
1.There was bomb in Jakarta and the situation it’s not getting easier,more or less it really has effects on my life here in Surabaya.I found it funny that the plot of the tragedy resembles the plot of The Atlantis Gene by AG Riddle( that book which I have promised you to write the review asap since last year haha).Everybody is feeling insecure,horrified,yeah by this I mean everybody but me.The bombings weren’t only in my country tho,Turkey and Paris had to deal with it too.I don’t know you may call me crazy but this is what I think: We all know that our world is declining and nothing is going to get better so you better accept this and prepare yourself for the worst thing.This is just not for people in certain countries,this is for all of us who live on planet earth,I tell you anxiety is like a rocking chair-it gives you something to do but it doesn’t move you anywhere.So just stay calm and live your daily life as if nothing happened.
2.I’m being moody and get angry easily.This isn’t normal because my mood is basically sad and miserable but I hardly irritated and angry but here’s the fact-I get annoyed very easily like a cranky grandpa!
3.I was late last Friday and last Monday and I also entered my religion class late because I was just too exicited discussing The Diary of Anne Frank with Pini in the library last Tuesday.It’s not my habit to come late on classes but yeah.I didn’t miss anything important tho,the teacher just ask us to watch The Shopaholic seriously because she is gonna give us test based on the story but since I have read the book already I don’t need the movie as well.
4.I’m preparing for a party.I don’t want to say a word about this because everything is just still uncertain.I just hope that it will turn out so enjoyable and memorable.*i know u are wondering what on earth makes me organizing a party but this is another long story i will tell you when everything is getting better
5.Finally my Chinese Test result is out and tell you what: I nearly reach the full score! 298/300!Imagine it!I can’t be any happier but still there are still many other stuffs to stress about
6.I often wonder why people we least want to know somehow always manage a way to come across our paths and intruding our lives.It sounds so blurry but I can’t explain more clearly because the person maybe is reading this right now
7.Cinthya invited me to her farewell before she leave for Korea( she even wrote me letter behind the invitation card,and oh all of those nice words!).I just wish u all the best luck dear!I’m sorry if i have ever pissed you off these few past years.
8.Tomorrow is Stephanie birthday party and I have to do my online ecology test on the morning so I certainly don’t want to have baggy eyes and a half functioning brain,I have to sleep,good night!I wish you a sweet dream,sincerely.


This video is true af


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