2015 Top 5 Books

this is the quickest edit i have ever made,swear!So forgive the quality

this is the quickest edit i have ever made,swear!So forgive the quality

This should have been posted on 31 of Dec 2015 but I was run out of time so here we go,this is my very first post in 2016 instead of my very last post!As I have said before in my last post,this last year I was suck in reading novels.I only read 22 books in a year,so far away from my actual goal of 55 books aye.But no tears,not anymore.This is new year!New hope,new targets!I am going to rate top 5 books from 22 books I have read.This rate is based on my own opinion,just like usual.I hope this will be useful for those who is looking for reference.


picture creds to http://completely-ordinary.tumblr.com/ I'm too lazy to do any edits teehee

picture creds to http://completely-ordinary.tumblr.com/
I’m too lazy to do any edits teehee


The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
This book emphasizes my life in words!A must read for every high school student and those who consider their selves as geeks,wallflowers,nerds,or whatever you call it.
2.sing you home


Sing You Home by Jodie Picoult
Picoult is now officially become my favorite International author.I have to confess here that I haven’t finished the whole book,a few pages to go just because I have that’I want to finish this book but I don’t want to finish this book’feeling,if you are a reader you will understand.I will review this book as soon as I finished it.This book brings up homosexuality and Religion issues as the main topic.And we all know that this is also a trending international topic these past few years,esp last year after homosexual marriages became legal in the US.Jodie is so smart and open minded,her writings prove it!
3.the tenth circle


The Tenth Circle by Jodie Picoult
Jodie again.I feel that I have a connection with the main character,Trixie Stone because we have so many similarities!From the way our families behave,run the household,our problems,and once again Jodie point of view about life is the same as mine.*Trixie’s daily life,mum,dad,and best friend and her ex share so many similarities with mine,I can’t write more specific in case they are is reading this who knows.This story should be read by anyone who had known the hurt of broken family and how difficult it is to mend everything.
4.my sister keeper
My Sister Keeper by Jodie Picoult


Again.I’m sorry.I have mention that I can’t be normal when I love something ,haven’t I?Yeah.Here it is.Jodie’s master piece.Everybody may have known this but I promise you the novel is actually far better than the film.For those who haven’t even hear a word about this story:it is about a girl who has an elder sister with leukemia and read the rest yourself!
5.lan fang


Perempuan Kembang Jepun by Lan Fang
For my english readers: this is a book my a local writer in my country so the book is only available in Indonesian
Perempuan Kembang Jepun means Woman from The Kembang Jepun Street
Kembang Jepun is a historical street in my town.It used to be a china town in Surabaya.The story tells about a Japanese Geisha who was stranded in Kembang Jepun during Japan colonization in Indonesia and how she fell in love with a native worker and left her child behind when the war is over and she had to return to her country.
I will tell you if this book has been translated.
For my readers who understand Bahasa no matter where you are : Go grab this book!

It’s enough for today.I’m being useless today.Waking up at 11,made salad for my own brunch,then I watched At The Heart of The Sea stared by Brad Pitt who is unbelievably good-looking ,and spent the whole night doing nothing productive until I get here.Last,now,I am surprisingly already feeling drowsy so goodnight!*ps:school is near already ughhh


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