Dead End

creds to me for any usage pls

creds to me for any usage pls

I always be that girl who studies a lot.Always be the one of the top 5 in academic lessons including math.I am equipped with ambition and I do everything to get an A+ but everybody reaches a breaking point.I can’t change who I actually am.I can’t keep on lying to myself.Deep in my heart I know that this creepy things are not my passions.I love biology but I still fall asleep from time to time while reading Sherwood or Campbell when on the other hand I often stay up awake all night long to write stories,editing pictures,or reading novels.I love chem more than math obviously but I don’t know why this semester I got better scores in math rather than chem.I have just finished my chem test today and I failed it I guess.I mean I actually can do it well,if only I didn’t get so nervous because I was worry I was running out of time and then yeah you can guess what happened next.Tomorrow I actually still have another chem post-test to do but here I’m,rattling randomness.I decided not to study that any more.I’m having enough and I’m disappointed.I tried to sleep but I can’t so then I turned on my laptop and finished my graphic designing projects.I used adobe illustrator for it.

creds to me for any usage pls
I’m currently typing furiously like a mad man and please don’t you think I’m a negative minded person.It is just because I am that kind of person who find writing as a therapeutic activity to do during stress.So basically I tell you,this blog,keep me sane.I’m reading The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith these days and I found out a line saying that writing up your life on blogs aren’t examination but exhibition.I think about it and know it is true but since this blog has been a ghost town so I can write whatever I want here.

So last,just wish me a good day for tomorrow.


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