“I dwell in possibility,”-Emily Dickinson

If Edison was successful inventing light bulb after 999 failures before so I must have been successful of being a cheerful girl after my 999 failing attempts before.

We all dwell in possibility for accomplishing impossibilities.

Ahaha okay so I consider this blog already seems like an online note of a suicidal kid and well I decide to post something cheerier here.

The word ‘possibility’ has a great impact in my life.In fact next week I will have math test about permutation and combination and it is all about calculating possibilities.Next Saturday I will have bio and the material is genetic inheritance and you should believe me that genetics is actually just about calculating possibility of phenotype from some given number of offspring produced by parental.This Saturday I should take my chinese test and I have possibility to pass yet not to pass.

But then,without clarity,can we see those possibilities and opportunities lie in front of our eyes?If our mind is hazy and foggy,full of stress and sadness,can we keep sane and still conscious that we are dwelling in possibilities?You see that picture above.Imagine it.If we were actually living underwater with the bubbles as the stars,would we conscious of this or would we stay busy with our problems and never pay any attentions to it until somehow a person being slumped from the sky?
Maybe we need to clear up our mind and get our wits back.We were too busy with our catatonic life and forget about the real meaning of it-being alive.
I tried hard to clear my mind during these 3 days mid semester break.I tried to do my old hobbies,repeating those old cozy things to do,things I never done these past 3 years.I drew cactus,bikinis,ice creams,cupcakes,flowers,and everything crossed my mind.I slept in my thick blanket although the weather has been so humid and hot this week,sipping hot chocolate,jog around my neighborhood while daydreaming and thinking about so many things till I hit the sidewalks and ripped my skin.I studied about Efferent System just now,just before I decide to stop to start editing that new header above.It was just a quick edit but I enjoyed it surprisingly.More than that for my own surprise I enjoyed reading that chapter about Efferent System and I think I have just found my passion back.Sometimes we really need to release to gain something.The moment we let go,they will come back and chase us.

I let go my clarity


I found my clarity back.

PS: I hate it when my family or friends try to sneak out my blog and read all the posts,in fact I feel better if people who don’t know me read my writings (even the depressing one) because well you know it just feel like somebody is reading a novel about you being stressed out of life
PPS: I write myself an email everyday like a diary and I hate it when my father automatically log in it in our computer because I forgot to log out the last time I used it.

I hope all of you have a good day.


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