Sparkling Surabaya

I don’t know what is wrong with me these days.I’m being moody and easily get annoyed.I feel like everything is wrong,everything is out of order and I can do nothing to fix it.My dreams are all hazy and lunatic.I don’t have any passions to do anything even sleeping and if you live with me then you will know that this is a real problem cos I usually sleep like a hibernating fetus polar bear.I don’t want you to think me as a negative person,but,well the stress is real I’m not even kidding.Last week I went to a field trip out of town and I was really exhausted to be honest but still on Friday,just after we got home the day before,we had to have our math and it was advance trigonometry *yey life is cool*.And tomorrow I still have a week full of mid-tests await ayee.Okay,this is getting so depressing and I have already sounded soppy.

During this most depressing peak of my life,I browsed my laptop and found out this old video I have promised to post before.We made it for a competition held by a local university and we got first place.I had a quite good time during the shoot and I consider that moment as one of those rare beautiful memories stored in my cortex that I decided to share it here.We were required to make a 3 minutes length video about our beloved city Surabaya and thanks more to luck rather than skill,we finished it on time and the result is far better than as expected so just enjoy!I’m tired of talking and my body demands sleep seriously,I better try.Bye.


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