Let It Snow by John Green,Maureen Johnson,and Lauren Myracel (Review)

let it snow
“Silly girl,it’s not what the universe gives us that matters.It’s what we give the universe.”-Mayzie (pg 339)

22 days after my last post.Uh,wew,what a bad,bad blogger I have been.But life is so sucks and busy so what can I do with this blog is just let it have a hiatus eh.But here I’m though,I have 1 day break today and I just decide to have a real break this night.I watched Mean Girls just now and I think it is pretty cool,it’s a total high school thing I can say.Well,well but I’m not here to review Mean Girls (next time maybe) so let’s just get started…

A magical Christmas Eve in Gracetown where the worst blizzard for fifty years happened.Three magical heart-warming love stories with all those Christmasy things.This book is really suited to read by those who think that something simple and homey is no more existed.

This book is divided into three section,one for each story.The story started from The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson,followed by A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green and The Saint Patron of Pigs by Lauren Myracle.Jubilee parents were arrested for causing a riot in Flobie Santa Village Shop so she went to Florida by train to visit her grandparents.But in Gracetown her train got stuck because of the snow and she stepped off to the nearest Waffle House where soon she met a broken-hearted Stuart.In another place Tobias,The Duke aka Angie and JP struggled from Tobias house to get into the Waffle House to help their friend Don-keun who was overwhelmed with the cheerleaders from the train.A poor Addie was crying herself because his boyfriend didn’t response to her messages and didn’t call back and she thought that everything was over.

This is an easy reading novel which can easily warm-up every cold hearted human being on earth.I’m not exaggerating but yeah it really is.The plot,to be honest is predictable,but still the unique concept of the whole book wins.Imagine it,a book by 3 New York Times best-sellers authors!It sounded like a 3 in one ads tho hehe.But never mind.The stories are simple but well-written.What surprised me is that I don’t like John Green’s story as the other.I think A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle is the most boring part of the whole novel.I don’t know,I just found that the idea of walking together and making out on the way to a Waffle House while a great blizzard happened is so flat and boring.I love The Saint Patron of Pigs by Lauren Myracle the most.But,note this,I think my obsession of Starbucks should be responsible for this.You know,Addie in The Saint Patron of Pigs is a Starbucks barista so basically the story takes place in Starbucks with all its trivia and common coversations such as “Venti soy toffee nut mocha single shot no whip!”or maybe “A cinnamon dolce white mocha no syrup!”

Hmm hmmm so finally I just can say that there is nothing extra ordinary or something that makes us say ‘Wow’ in this novel but still it radiates warmth and rustic homey christmasy atmosphere.I just regret why I didn’t keep this book until December ah.No mater,I can re-read it tho.Sometimes ordinary is better without that ‘extra’ so yeah,see ya!



The Perks of Being A Wallflower Movie (Review)

the perks of being a wallflower movie
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Charlie entered his first year of high school and it was not so easy.Charlie,basically is an introverted and shy guy who don’t have many friends.He met Nothing aka Patrick in his shop class and soon became friend with him and Sam his sister (Emma Watson) and also some new friends.He got involved to drugs,sex,et ceteras and have to deal with a really different point of view from the dance floor which is far more confusing than from the sideline like he used to be.

First crappy day at high school *sigh* I have bad memories about this

First crappy day at high school *sigh* I have bad memories about this

words gif the perks

Okay,first things first,this is my first movie review and I’m not used to write a movie review or even reading it so yeah sorry for this crappy one.I’m just do not have any ideas for what to post in my dilapidated blog.

Second,I want to say sorry for my one month missing.School has been pretty busy these days and I have to do so so many exams and tests and assignments and kind of.My life,you know basically revolves from one exam to another *tears*I have just finished my trigono and physics but still gonna take chem on Friday.

Third,let’s just start…

This movie adaptation is gross.I hate the plot,the scenes,and the dialogues.You know I just felt like the producer purposely cut all THE BEST SCENES in the book and removed all the best dialogues (except for the ‘And in that momment I swear we were infinite ofc) and poems,omg the poems!How dare you removing that wonderfully and intellectually written poem just like that?The actors and actresses actually played well,esp Emma as Sam.I just disappointed she has short hair not long honey coloured locks like I have imagined.They cut all the sex scenes and the part when Charlie’s sister got pregnant.The only things I love from the movie is just the soundtrack and the setting(esp the tunnel).I just wish they could remake this movie,isn’t that just so pity when a real good book being adapted into a horribly movie with creepy dialogues and scenes???

emma the perks
and we can try to feel okay

this is me every lunch time

this is me every lunch time

we can still choose the perks

Ah okay I think I will stop here.Life has been so hard,I need sleep.