The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

picture creds to I'm too lazy to do any edits teehee

picture creds to
I’m too lazy to do any edits teehee


“And in that moment,I swear we were infinite.”

Charlie is a shy and introverted but really intelligent student.He tries hard to participate in life like his Advance English teacher told him to and finally became friend with Sam and Patrick.He then got into parties,drugs,sex,and love for the first time and was trying hard to adapt with those sort of things.Will he survive his junior year?

This book is about letters written by an anonymous who named himself Charlie and sent for an anonymous too(whom the writer haven’t even ever met in real life)Charlie started writing letters when he was a freshman in high school and wrote his last when he was about to start being a sophomore.The setting is in the US around 1980s or 1990s.This book allows us to see the world in the perspective of someone who always be in the sideline but trying to know how to be in the dance floor.The letters written are all original and honest and undeniably beautiful.I love the wordings and the poems and the main character really much.

I found that I share some similarities with Charlie although I don’t cry as much as him but still there are things where we are alike,like maybe the way he thinks about math.Here I quoted some from the book “Mr Carlo told me to stop asking why and just follow the formulas.So,I did.Now I get perfect scores on all my tests.I just wish I knew what the formulas did.”Nah this expressed my exact feeling well.You know, I often feel that some math formulas will never make sense to me,like statistic for example but since I can do all my tests well if I memorize the formulas so yeah whatever.And Charlie loves reading and me either.He read so so many books,I highlighted the titles and promised myself to read them one day.I also downloaded every songs mentioned in the story.I love Dusk by Genesis so much but I don’t really like Asleep by the Smith as much as Charlie does.It really makes me want to cuddle in bed and go ahead to unconsciousness.I really really love a scene when Charlie felt they (Sam,Pat,and Charlie) were infinite.I won’t describe the scene here because it will be an annoying spoiler.I swear it is the best part of this book after all so just go read it yourself tehee!Oh ya I’d like to tell you that there is this poem written by an anonymous that Charlie recited which is so deep and wonderful.I still want to write more but I can’t do it without spoiling so I decided to stop here.

The only bad side of The Perks of Being A Wallflower is just the ‘anonymous’ thingy.Why Charlie didn’t reveal himself in the end of the book?Why,why,I’m curios to death.And Stephen didn’t give names to all the characters,there are only Sam,Patrick,Mary,Susan,and oh gosh I hate Susan.I have a friend like her in real life so I really can understand.But being ‘mysterious’ is sometimes good too so it’s no problem after all.This book is highly recommended for high school students,esp freshmen but not younger than 12 I think,there are quite lot of sex scenes he he .Okay,last info this book has been adapted to movie stared by Emma Watson and I’m going to watch it now so see ya (wait for the movie review)!

“We accept the love we think we deserve “–Bill

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Less Than Perfect


Made a wrong turn,once or twice
Dug my way out,blood and fire
Bad decisions,that’s all right
Welcome to my silly life…

Hey there sorry for not update-ing this blog for a damn long time.I’ve been out of town for a vacation for a week and after I got home I haven’t turned on my computer at all.I’m being useless and tired for weeks.Get up late and stay awake until midnight everyday huh I’m stuck in these unhealthy habits.But here I’m now though.

I often feel that I’m talented to make horrible decisions.Almost every turns I take in my life always seem wrong.And I always wonder about the what ifs,about the path I didn’t take.

I always wish I could be anybody but me
I wish I could go anywhere but the place I’m now
I wish I had friends except the one I usually hang around with
I wish oh how I wish I didn’t have to live this silly life

I don’t know whether I’m really a negative minded person or maybe this just an ordinary teenage mood-swing but it still not okay to be overwhelmed with this feeling like almost everyday.I want to get rid of this,I’m having this enough.I don’t want to survive I want to live!!!!But,sadly,I can’t.

Miss ‘No way it’s all good’
It didn’t slow me down
Mistaken,always second guessing
Underestimated,look I’m still around.

I’m afraid that I suffer Major Depression Disorder.Cause you know,1 from 7 people suffer this in the world and women have bigger potential than men for this.Cool.I studied my Campbell and became really interested when I got into chapter 49 about Nervous System.It said that people who suffer Major Depression disorder have corrugated sleeping habit,some of them have insomnia while the other have hippersomnia.I’m the last I guess.But some days ago I found out that I’m not the only one who suffer these symptoms.One of my friend call herself a hypophrenia.It is a mental retardation which has been miss-translated by dumb 12 years on tumblr as ‘sadness without real reasons’.Well,in my case,my sadness and anxiety isn’t without reason though.I have a list of reasons why I should hate everything especially my conditions.I am always misunderstood,underestimated,second guessed and kind of.People never understand me.I know I have an unusual habit,hobbies,dreams,and all but,is difference means to make people mistreated in society?

In the midst of these bad condition,I desperately had videos marathon on youtube to entertain myself and miraculously I found a song sung by P!nk which recites my life perfectly.I downloaded this song and listen to it everyday before I fall into a sleep full of nightmares or nonsense dreams.And you know what?This.Really.Boost.Me.Up.

Pretty,pretty please,don’t you ever,ever feel
Like you’re less,less than perfect
Pretty,pretty please,if you ever,ever feel
Like you’re nothing,you are perfect
To me.

I really really like the lyric it so get into me.I try to change those voices in my head which told me I’m nothing,useless,powerless,can do nothing,etc.I keep on trying.I tell myself that I’m pretty,I’m smart,I’m creative,I’m artsy,I can do whatever I want and I’m not doing things I don’t like.I treat myself,reward myself,and write everything I want,shortly I’m creating my own world.You maybe think how demented this was but whatever.You can think whatever crossed your mind.I’m tired of adapting myself with society,they seem always change.Whenever I feel like I’m already comfortable with a way they behave,suddenly they change into another new ‘habit’.I detoxed every negative person from my life and trying to be happy.I’m tired.I’m perfect the way I’m ,so bye.

I share some doodles here for you.Let these pictures do the talking…

All about that bass lyric

All about that bass lyric

scientific drawing

scientific drawing

tiff infomation
tiff infomation

tiff infomation
This sums up everything

This sums up everything

Bonus selfie especially for you…

Smile,you're perfect : )

Smile,you’re perfect : )

And here is a video by Selina Irwan that inspires me a lot!Have a nice summer hols,don’t worry bout your face,clothes,grades,hair,jeans,life,screw it,you are perfect!