Percy Jackson &The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan (Review)

edited by me pls credit to me

edited by me pls credit to me

“Forget the Oracle.You don’t like your destiny?Write a new one!”

    The Camp’s Shield was faded.Thalia’s tree had been poisoned and Percy had a cyclops brother named Tyson.So many new surprising facts. Both of them and Annabeth went into a quest to find The Golden Fleece which can cure Thalia’s Tree.The Golden Fleece was kept by a cruel Cyclops lived in a cave in The Sea of Monsters.This Cyclops also trapped their best friend Grover and wanted to marry him or may be eat him if he find out that Grover is actually a boy.Luke was sailing with his new cruise -Andromeda Princess- and Kronos was trying to regain his power inside a golden sarcophagus there.Thalia was back at the end of the story.
  • First things first,I ALWAYS LOVE BEACH AND SEAS so it’s important for you to know that my opinion about this book is much less being influenced by this.And sorry for the little spoiler above,I can’t help not to write it.The sea of Monsters is the second book of Percy Jackson and The Olympians series and to be honest I think this one has got the most eye-catching title and book cover.I’m really not a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ reader.When I’m in the library,I always scan through the shelves looking for the most out standing book cover ahaha.Okay,you can judge me for this,but really the teal color and rusty look of this book had caught my attention and so I grabbed it and read for hours without even remember about my lunch.#bookwormproblem Click here for complete story about this.

    Nah now I’m telling you that I know a book is a worth reading if I hardly put it away and miss sleep,eat,and bath,just for finishing it.So,from my short story above you should’ve known my opinion about this book.I just really like the idea of a magical yet dangerous sea inhabited by ancient monsters from greek myths and well I’m already in love with The C.C Island.You know the idea of a sandy beached island with luxurious buildings and beauty treatment and peace will always be my thing ( but still I think paradises aren’t complete without those sexy muscular guys tottering around hehe ;))

    The pacing of the story is swift and the imagination is still like the first book( although I love this far better than the first),way too much and overload I can’t stand reading without smirking and cursing.I know this is fantasy novel for children but uh please can you just read a book and ignoring all the not logical scenes ?I can’t do that.I love the new characters especially Tyson and the moral value is also great.You know for me these series seem always have a moral value inside,no matter how crazy the ideas are but there is always something to learn about.And for this one,it told us how to work in team even with our biggest enemy !(WARNING THIS IS SPOILER:Clarisse-Percy’s biggest rival– helped him and Annabeth when they were in Florida and Percy also rescued her from the cruel Cyclops later)

    So,last..I recommend this book for 9 y.o children or above.For parents who still not sure about books for their kid to read,this is a perfect solution : )Hope this can be useful for you.Wait for my next review ya,bye!<3



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