Lavender’s Blue

I always LOVE grey.But I don’t know why these days I prefer soft purple,the same purple as lavenders.Lavenders are calming and pure and they just suits my melancholic mood-swing well.

I started collecting things that are lavender colored such as book covers,pencils,pens,ribbon,nail polish,and even I changed my phone wallpaper with lavender picture.Yeah,damn it,I’m obsessed with lavender.Currently I’m listening to Lavender’s Blue ( Dilly Dilly) too ❤

How pretty!!!

How pretty!!!

This is my current phone wallpaper

This is my current phone wallpaper

Whoah yeah I guess I suffer obsessive compulsive.I just can’t be normal when I’m in love with something or on the other hand HATING something.

I even paint my nails

I even paint my nails

This should’ve been written in Guiness.I painted my nails!Your geeky girl painted her nails!I use lavender as the basic color and apply blue glitter then,there is just something about glitter that makes my stomach butterflies.I found out that painting nails is fun though.

Today I didn’t have bio classes and so I’m free.I watched 2 basketball matches just before I got bored and went to the library and spent my whole day there.I finished Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monster and being 3/4 way on PercyJackson and The Titan’s Curse.I didn’t realize when the go home bell rang and I kept on reading alone without knowing anything happened around.If there is fire I probably be the last person get out of the building.Hah.I can’t help.When I read I ALWAYS escape the world.At last I noticed that there was nobody inside the library and I nodded to found out that it was 14 10 already.I rushed and run down the stairs as quick as possible,being terrified of the possibility missing the car and have to wait for an hour for the next route.

I didn’t miss it but guess what?The car was out of gasoline when we were still about 500 metres away from my house so I decided to walk.I did this awful walking under the sun just to find out that I forgot to bring my keys while nobody was home.I felt like I want to cry.I was hungry because I missed lunch.I stayed for an hour at my neighbour’s house then.Later I treated myself a strawberry smoothie popsickle and candy cane chocolate,just a reward for myself for surviving this creepy day successfully he he.

Bye ya,I should sleep now because tomorrow I will do microbiology experiment and I need my whole brain functioning well for it.Muach!


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