Monday,the 8th of June 2015

“If it’s not a happy ending,then it’s not the end.”

I consider myself as an introvert.Yes,introvert when I’m surrounded by strangers or people I don’t know well but an extrovert when I’m with my closest of friends and family.I never have abundance of acquaintances and friends,I keep my social circle small and really can count people whom I call as ‘friends’ easily using fingers.And there are even smaller number for those I call as best friends.These sort of people had come to my life and never left.They remain the same.No matter how hard life is trying to separate us,no matter how our paths differ along the time.

I have met several people like this.The fact that amazes me is that they all have a same thing in common.They all have an opposite personalities with me.I met one them,the one who have literary left me due to her overseas study in Singapore.Yes,I’m talking about Verren.So she is one of people I count as blessings in my life.Finding her is like revealing my own reflection in a mirror,you know we are the same but different at the same time.Your reflection has the exact same parts of body like yours but remember that your right is its left and your left is its right,do you get it ? (I told her this once and she was confused so I stopped talking).The way we interact with each others is also suits to this analogy.When I moved forward she also did and we got closer,but then when I stepped backward,she also did and the distance between us got wider.

I always believe that some people are fated to know each other.And I’m grateful fate leaded us to know each other years ago.I and her,have different way of thinking,goals,integrity,and beliefs but still we can go along together.She is the only person I can have a deep discussions(or sometimes arguments) with and all those sophisticated chats.(OMG how I miss those chats).She is the only friend I can talk about life,religion,global warming,taboo topics,racial issues,and future plannings seriously.Others never take these topics seriously or even laugh at me.Some even whisper to each other and stare at me as if I just spoke in Hungarian or what.Since she has gone to Singapore,I have never spoken a word of these topics and you know it’s been 8 months already.Thank God,last Sunday she arrived in Surabaya.I met her yesterday and will met her again soon,I promise myself to see her like as frequent as possible during her 2 weeks break here.

YESTERDAY WAS BASICALLY AWESOME.Despite the fact that I woke up late and rushed to school before my digestion system can blend my breakfast well,everything is niceeee.I went to school just to be picked up at the front gate by Pini.We rushed to Petra Christian University to deliver the hardcopies (both proposals and CDs).Then,at 12 pm I escaped school and went to Galaxy Malls instead.I have made an appointment with Verren the day before.She waited me in Starbucks.We decided to have a talk at Coffee Bean because there was a BUY 1 GET 1 PROMO there.We ordered green tea latte with extra wipe-creams and caramel and it was surprisingly expensive!The extra wipe cream and caramel cost IDR 36k!We were not happy customers,like really disappointed.We stayed at this cafe for almost two hours and talked about anything crossed our mind.

The wipe-cream and caramel is surprisingly expensive *sigh* ps:featuring Verren blue's bag and my hair xD

The wipe-cream and caramel is surprisingly expensive *sigh*
ps:featuring Verren blue’s bag and my hair xD

We went to KFC (Verren bought chicken) and had a nice lunch at Sushi Tei then.We ordered Okisama,it was a combination of salmon rolls and sweet rice covered with tofu skin.I didn’t take any photos of it unfortunately.
Last,we had doughnuts and cronuts (and more chats!those sophisticated ones!)at JCo.

They are choco Lava and cheesy cheese <3

They are choco Lava and cheesy cheese ❤

We talked back and forth while enjoying the sunset from the wide windows.I really love the atmosphere there.Everything seems sophisticated and minimal but still warm somehow.My heart felt warm and happy,really happy I couldn't be sure if it was just a dream or not.I don't want this feeling to ended so that I write every moment here,I want to capture everything so that maybe a month ahead or a year ahead,when life feels gross,I can reread my own writing and smile. : )
A little catastrophe happened in last minutes,just before we got home.She lost her wallet.And she puts all her eggs in one basket,she has her student pass,health care card,and MRT card,all in it.We ran throughout the aisles of the department stores and cafes,getting back to JCO which has been our last stop.Luckily the waiter kept her wallet and everything is okay.This is a happy ending.<3

p.s:today I go to school and watch a basketball match and volley,I bought Ocean red beverage and season rolls from PS food stall—–just before I should attend my extra biology class (we studied genetics AGAIN )——


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