Roller-coasting Mood

This is me,during this week.I'm happy.Being surrounded by my laptop,music,and doodling equipments and novels !

This is me,during this week.I’m happy.Being surrounded by my laptop,music,and doodling equipments and novels !

Hmm,you know this gonna be another nonsense post.I write this with no purpose at all,and worse than that,without even knowing what to say here actually.

My mood is just being like a roller-coaster these days so thank you for people who has been dealing with my bipolar chats and 3 am nagging,I love you folks,,opposite with the weather which just getting normal and not being bipolar anymore,oh not really,two hours ago it was raining cats and dogs here and now the isn’t any trace left of it.I am being busy with proposals this week and the deadline is tomorrow.So,I join a competition and I have an awesome team.We call ourselves Opus.There’s a story behind these name.So we actually had joined the same competition last year,when we just entered high school and barely understand anything about life haha ( as if I understand a thing now).We all are hard-workers so we did our best and we won the first place.If I have to tell the truth,I don’t remember a thing about that but a few blurry skipped memory.I only remember that I and Kimchi had been the PR (Public Relation) and Anjanette and Christopher as the magazine editor and Piniela as the radio announcer.Then I create a mascot for our school branding event (that was the proposal about if I’m not mistaken) and I named it Opus The Octopus.Amazingly everybody loves my dear Opus and so it happened.Our team is officially named after it.

This year,the competition is no more about school branding but about our city,Surabaya.Damn yeah,we should make a video about our country and well a proposal (it’s my task and really it’s the most boring yet difficult part),a digital magazine ( our professional editor,Anjanette has made everything fine),and a radio feature.

But you know,we have got a really good time during the video-making and radio-feature making !!!
We went strolling around the city.We visited Surabaya Carnival Night Market at the suburb,the airport,the Bambu Runcing,and all those awesome city icons.Last Tuesday ( June the 2nd) is Vesakh day and we got a one day off from school so we used this opportunity to make the radio feature.I were off on 7 am that morning to Kimchi’s house and Moses had been waiting there too.Piniela arrived and picked us up soon.It was my idea to have an interview at Kampung Dinamo.It’s been a creative industry area where all the resident work as a dinamo creator.We never gone to this area before and the place is isolated so it was a miracle we can find the place.Pini did the interview while us (and her mother) just waiting there,sitting awkwardly.The man we talked with is really intelligent and his comrade also.This is surprising,remembering that this area is not a somewhat affluent section of the city where all the highly educated usually live.But,I know we are getting better and this city improve well these last five years.I will upload the radio feature( and the video of course) after the competition ended.You really have to see the video,it’s cool!Moses is great at video editing,really.Hey,this is me,complimenting you ses.

Actually I want to upload the video teaser here now but my bluetooth connection is being bipolar,so yeah I only have these creepy photos in low quality which I snapped quickly in Kampung Dinamo using my phone camera.(this is me,asking mum a new phone indirectly)

The mess

The mess

This is Piniela and Moses while making the radio feature The green-caped thing is a filter.

This is Piniela and Moses while making the radio feature
The green-caped thing is a filter.

Some tips if you are going to make a radio feature :
1) Choose an interesting topic
2) Speak slowly,the way you recite a story
3) Have an interview with experts if possible
4)If you don’t use DSLR for recording ( our is still being used for video making that time so we use IPad instead),have a home-made filter to make your voice recording clear and have less noise.You can make it just by sticking a piece of thin cloth on a carton cylinder,we use tissue carton for this.
5)Do your recording inside the car or cover yourself with blanket for studio effect result.(the sponge that covers the car interior absorb the noises,simple physics)

After the interview finished we had brunch at a local restaurant( I had shrimps and now i have to deal with a dermal alergic because of it) and we also sneaked to the bakery and have a lychee pudding (caramel and chocolate for Kimchi and Pini).

About my summer holiday list,I have finished my Campbell yesterday ( book 3),and I have did some doodles too,I’ve bought some pens but not yet for watercolors.I gonna post my doodles here next time.I’m just too lazy to use the scanner now.My school is having a sport weeks nowadays.Sport weeks means two weeks full of dodging balls here and there like an idiot for me heheh ( I don’t enjoy the game as well as I enjoy the food and lemonade).Oh yes,and Verren arrived yesterday,tomorrow I’m gonna hang around with her!Yehayy!This is enough lenght,I gonna sleep now uhoh bye folks!Stay geek!


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