Percy Jackson &The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan (Review)

edited by me pls credit to me

edited by me pls credit to me

“Forget the Oracle.You don’t like your destiny?Write a new one!”

    The Camp’s Shield was faded.Thalia’s tree had been poisoned and Percy had a cyclops brother named Tyson.So many new surprising facts. Both of them and Annabeth went into a quest to find The Golden Fleece which can cure Thalia’s Tree.The Golden Fleece was kept by a cruel Cyclops lived in a cave in The Sea of Monsters.This Cyclops also trapped their best friend Grover and wanted to marry him or may be eat him if he find out that Grover is actually a boy.Luke was sailing with his new cruise -Andromeda Princess- and Kronos was trying to regain his power inside a golden sarcophagus there.Thalia was back at the end of the story.
  • First things first,I ALWAYS LOVE BEACH AND SEAS so it’s important for you to know that my opinion about this book is much less being influenced by this.And sorry for the little spoiler above,I can’t help not to write it.The sea of Monsters is the second book of Percy Jackson and The Olympians series and to be honest I think this one has got the most eye-catching title and book cover.I’m really not a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ reader.When I’m in the library,I always scan through the shelves looking for the most out standing book cover ahaha.Okay,you can judge me for this,but really the teal color and rusty look of this book had caught my attention and so I grabbed it and read for hours without even remember about my lunch.#bookwormproblem Click here for complete story about this.

    Nah now I’m telling you that I know a book is a worth reading if I hardly put it away and miss sleep,eat,and bath,just for finishing it.So,from my short story above you should’ve known my opinion about this book.I just really like the idea of a magical yet dangerous sea inhabited by ancient monsters from greek myths and well I’m already in love with The C.C Island.You know the idea of a sandy beached island with luxurious buildings and beauty treatment and peace will always be my thing ( but still I think paradises aren’t complete without those sexy muscular guys tottering around hehe ;))

    The pacing of the story is swift and the imagination is still like the first book( although I love this far better than the first),way too much and overload I can’t stand reading without smirking and cursing.I know this is fantasy novel for children but uh please can you just read a book and ignoring all the not logical scenes ?I can’t do that.I love the new characters especially Tyson and the moral value is also great.You know for me these series seem always have a moral value inside,no matter how crazy the ideas are but there is always something to learn about.And for this one,it told us how to work in team even with our biggest enemy !(WARNING THIS IS SPOILER:Clarisse-Percy’s biggest rival– helped him and Annabeth when they were in Florida and Percy also rescued her from the cruel Cyclops later)

    So,last..I recommend this book for 9 y.o children or above.For parents who still not sure about books for their kid to read,this is a perfect solution : )Hope this can be useful for you.Wait for my next review ya,bye!<3



    Microbiology Marathon

    Do you ever feel that it is just SO ANNOYING if on those rare nights when you go to bed early because you need to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes and a whole well-functioning brain the following day but then you find out yourself can’t fall into a deep sleep or any sorts of those nonsense dreams for about 6 hours?Aha,it almost always happens to me.

    So last Saturday ( June the 13th) I had a microbiology practicum.As we all know,microbiology practicum means a day in lab full of mixing and spreading bacteria.So it is obvious that I will need my whole brain to work well and being a sleepyhead is absolutely NOT A GOOD IDEA.Nah due to this importance I forced myself go to sleep earlier the night before.Just for your information,I was lack of sleep last week.I only had 4 hours sleep from Monday to Thursday so I was basically look like a panda with big black circles and my small eyes became even more slanted than they naturally are.I turned off my lights and covered my body with thick blankets,curled in a fetal position with closed eyes but awakened mind for maybe about 6 hours.I don’t know why but my bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember about everything I should have done that day.My nerves system always resists to have a rest when it is needed and well so I spent those 6 hours struggling with it until finally I fell into a nonsense dream at 2 AM.When I got up in the morning,I still looked like a skinny panda and my half lobe of brain was still foggy and full of dreamy atmospheres.

      And just as usual,a series of an unfortunate events happened because of that…
      1)I forgot to bring rubber band to tie my hair (it’s a rule at the lab for girls to tie our hair)
      2)I forgot to bring my lab uniform
      3)I spilled a tube full of e-coli broth and stained my own cloth and legs,I was sterilized by 70% ethanol just like the apparatus ( luckily they didn’t feel it important to put me into the autoclave too LOL JK)
      4)My cheek was stained by malachite green without me realizing it until I got home and screamed at my own reflection at the mirror.(Go Melissa later confessed she actually saw it already but decided not to tell me huh)

    Long story short we had microbiology marathon from 7 AM until 5 PM.I did bacteria colorizing,media making,spread plate,pour plate ( this was when I spilled the e-coli broth),streak plate,endospore colorizing,SIM test,SCA test,and MR-VP test.It was a really tiring and busy day but I really enjoyed it though ha ha.I got pretty much new knowledge and experiences and I’m interested in it.

    Hmmmhh let’s just see my thousand words…

    The equipment for media making,streak plate,pour plate,and spread plate.

    The equipment for media making,streak plate,pour plate,and spread plate.

    Bunsen,micro-pipette tips ,and beaker glass.

    Bunsen,micro-pipette tips ,and beaker glass.

    These were the apparatuses.I decided to snap these pictures with my phone to help me studying one day and of course to share them with you hehe I’m such a kind girl,aren’t I?

    This was the nutrient gel just before putted inside the autoclave.

    This was the nutrient gel just before being putted inside the autoclave.

    How to make media for cultivating bacteria :
    1)Mix NA suspense by adding 3,6 gr of NA powder ( you can buy them at chemical stores) with 180 ml aquades so the concentration will be 20 gr/l (simple physics)
    2)Heat the mixture until boiling for about 1 minute.
    3)Close the mouth of the beaker glass with cotton and aluminium foil
    4)Put into the autoclave for 15 minutes (121 Celcius and 0,15 MPa)
    5)Wait until the mixture is somewhat lukewarm
    6)Pour it into petri dishes ( 15 ml per petri dish )
    7)Let it cool
    Actually there are liquid media and solid media to cultivate bacteria in labs but in this case,I was working with the second one.

    Streak Plate Featuring Felix's hand

    Streak Plate
    Featuring Anita’s hand

    How to isolate bacteria using Streak Plate Method :
    1)Burn the head of the ose using bunsen ( to kill another kind of bacteria that might be live there,this is just a standard sterilizing step) and draw a cross on the petri dish using pen and number each square
    2)Heat the lining of the petri you gonna use
    3)Scoop 1 ose of cells and streak it with a zig-zag patern inside the first square,and leave a little tail out of it,at the border of square number 1 &2.
    4)Repeat number 1 & 2 and streak the tail you have left before from square 2 until the border of square 3 zig-zagly.
    5)Repeat it until square 4 is full.Don’t left any tail here.
    6)Leave it in room temperature for 24 hours and you’ll get single bacteria colony in square 4 for result. : )

    Tips from me : don’t streak with great pressure or your media will be torn

    Spread plate

    Spread plate

    You just need to spread the cells on the surface of the media using a tool that looks like T tubule.

    Nah,I spilled e-coli broth while making this!

    Nah,I spilled e-coli broth while making this!

    This was the easiest way to make isolate bacteria,but since I’m an anomaly so I turned this easiest part of everything into disaster!You actualy only have to pour the e-coli broth to petri dish then add some NA and last mix it.

    SCA test,MR-VP test,and SIM test

    SCA test,MR-VP test,and SIM test


    The Geeky Girl Glossary :
    1) SIM (Sulfide Indole Motility) to know whether a bacteria is motile or not
    2) SCA ( Simmons Citrate Agar) to know whether a bacteria uses citrate as its carbon source or not
    3)MR-VP (Methyl Red-Voges Proskauer )to know whether a bacteria produces acetyl methyl-carbynol or not.

    And now the bacteria and endospore colorizing…

    First ,Crystal Violet Colorizing...

    First ,Crystal Violet Colorizing…

    then add iodine to enable the bacteria adsorb crystal violet

    then add iodine to enable the bacteria adsorb crystal violet

    Last do the safranin colorizing and splash it with ethanol .

    Last do the safranin colorizing and splash it with ethanol .

    Bacillus Subtilis!!!!!

    Bacillus Subtilis!!!!!

    Excuse the low quality picture.It’s rather looks like an eclipse than bacteria haha .My friend took this photo directly from microscope and it was hard to find right angle for that.

    It's me who was holding the plate (the eerie greenie thing was the malachite green which stained my cheek)

    It’s me who was holding the plate (the eerie greenie thing was the malachite green which stained my cheek)

    It’s endospore colorizing and really this is the MOST DIFFICULT PART EVER. We did this three times to get the green endospore and red cell.



    He was  explaining all those complicated things.

    He was explaining all those complicated things.

    Well,that’s how I spent my Saturday last week.Hope another adventure is around the corner.

    xxo : Joan Exlibris

    Lavender’s Blue

    I always LOVE grey.But I don’t know why these days I prefer soft purple,the same purple as lavenders.Lavenders are calming and pure and they just suits my melancholic mood-swing well.

    I started collecting things that are lavender colored such as book covers,pencils,pens,ribbon,nail polish,and even I changed my phone wallpaper with lavender picture.Yeah,damn it,I’m obsessed with lavender.Currently I’m listening to Lavender’s Blue ( Dilly Dilly) too ❤

    How pretty!!!

    How pretty!!!

    This is my current phone wallpaper

    This is my current phone wallpaper

    Whoah yeah I guess I suffer obsessive compulsive.I just can’t be normal when I’m in love with something or on the other hand HATING something.

    I even paint my nails

    I even paint my nails

    This should’ve been written in Guiness.I painted my nails!Your geeky girl painted her nails!I use lavender as the basic color and apply blue glitter then,there is just something about glitter that makes my stomach butterflies.I found out that painting nails is fun though.

    Today I didn’t have bio classes and so I’m free.I watched 2 basketball matches just before I got bored and went to the library and spent my whole day there.I finished Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monster and being 3/4 way on PercyJackson and The Titan’s Curse.I didn’t realize when the go home bell rang and I kept on reading alone without knowing anything happened around.If there is fire I probably be the last person get out of the building.Hah.I can’t help.When I read I ALWAYS escape the world.At last I noticed that there was nobody inside the library and I nodded to found out that it was 14 10 already.I rushed and run down the stairs as quick as possible,being terrified of the possibility missing the car and have to wait for an hour for the next route.

    I didn’t miss it but guess what?The car was out of gasoline when we were still about 500 metres away from my house so I decided to walk.I did this awful walking under the sun just to find out that I forgot to bring my keys while nobody was home.I felt like I want to cry.I was hungry because I missed lunch.I stayed for an hour at my neighbour’s house then.Later I treated myself a strawberry smoothie popsickle and candy cane chocolate,just a reward for myself for surviving this creepy day successfully he he.

    Bye ya,I should sleep now because tomorrow I will do microbiology experiment and I need my whole brain functioning well for it.Muach!

    Cozy Nights

    Don’t you just LOVE it when you find yourself having nothing to do on nights beside eating chips,reading novels,or doodling pretties and playing the internet?No deadlines,no assignments,and no tests to revise?

    This is exactly what happens on me these week.I snug as a bug in a rug in my rumpled bed,my hair is always tousled,and pajamas is my daily outfit.Today Verren has just delivered me a package of goodies ( well actually it was her younger sister delivered it).Now I’m crunching chips on my desk while typing these words.You know,I need to spin my mind harshly to find out words,I’m not sure why but really it is difficult to write a nice paragraph when you aren’t in the mood of thinking anything.

    This is so pretty with all those reddish polkadot candy bits!

    This is so pretty with all those reddish polkadot candy bits!

    Nah,ya,all the goodies are here,right on my desk!

    Nah,ya,all the goodies are here,right on my desk!

    I found out this inside the package and since then I swore myself to love you forever Ver!<3
    It is a white chocolate with mint flavor and super delicious candy bits,definitely my favourite,she just knows me so well.

    Potato chips and cozy blankets <3

    Potato chips and cozy blankets ❤

    My Dad opened my package WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and he stole this from me.Luckily I heard him crunching it harshly and quickly grab a handful for myself before it vanish.
    I guess I have too much glucose supply today.I had a cup of cold Listerine,no,not real Listerine of course,it's a kind of beverages sold by OSIS stall,its color is exactly the same eerie green like Listerine.I didn't take any photos because I sipped it surreptitiously during biology class.Yeah,I still have to deal with bio classes this week tho.Today's class was full of quick-paced material review (cellular respiration,photosynthesis,classic genetics,etc).
    What the heck,how come I can talk about this in a such cozy night.Let's just forget about it.*changing the topic*Again,about my summer holiday plans,I have done some doodles using my black,blue,and red ink pens.I bought them last Monday and they are ridiculously expensive.But no regret ah,the quality is satisfying.Here are some of my doodles,sorry not sorry,I only took photos instead of scanned them because I'm a lazy ass these days.xD

    I'm full of teenage hormones,so excuse my quotes ; )

    I’m full of teenage hormones,so excuse my quotes ; )

    Cupcakes Inc!This doodle is inspired by Selina,Thanks Sel I love your account!

    Cupcakes Inc!This doodle is inspired by Selina,Thanks Sel I love your account!

      Oh how I wish I can freeze cozy nights like these!!!!!

    Actually still have pages of them but I think I won’t post them reluctantly.But I promise I will stay tune here,oh yes,and for those of you who asked for new book reviews be patient please!Love ya folks!

    Monday,the 8th of June 2015

    “If it’s not a happy ending,then it’s not the end.”

    I consider myself as an introvert.Yes,introvert when I’m surrounded by strangers or people I don’t know well but an extrovert when I’m with my closest of friends and family.I never have abundance of acquaintances and friends,I keep my social circle small and really can count people whom I call as ‘friends’ easily using fingers.And there are even smaller number for those I call as best friends.These sort of people had come to my life and never left.They remain the same.No matter how hard life is trying to separate us,no matter how our paths differ along the time.

    I have met several people like this.The fact that amazes me is that they all have a same thing in common.They all have an opposite personalities with me.I met one them,the one who have literary left me due to her overseas study in Singapore.Yes,I’m talking about Verren.So she is one of people I count as blessings in my life.Finding her is like revealing my own reflection in a mirror,you know we are the same but different at the same time.Your reflection has the exact same parts of body like yours but remember that your right is its left and your left is its right,do you get it ? (I told her this once and she was confused so I stopped talking).The way we interact with each others is also suits to this analogy.When I moved forward she also did and we got closer,but then when I stepped backward,she also did and the distance between us got wider.

    I always believe that some people are fated to know each other.And I’m grateful fate leaded us to know each other years ago.I and her,have different way of thinking,goals,integrity,and beliefs but still we can go along together.She is the only person I can have a deep discussions(or sometimes arguments) with and all those sophisticated chats.(OMG how I miss those chats).She is the only friend I can talk about life,religion,global warming,taboo topics,racial issues,and future plannings seriously.Others never take these topics seriously or even laugh at me.Some even whisper to each other and stare at me as if I just spoke in Hungarian or what.Since she has gone to Singapore,I have never spoken a word of these topics and you know it’s been 8 months already.Thank God,last Sunday she arrived in Surabaya.I met her yesterday and will met her again soon,I promise myself to see her like as frequent as possible during her 2 weeks break here.

    YESTERDAY WAS BASICALLY AWESOME.Despite the fact that I woke up late and rushed to school before my digestion system can blend my breakfast well,everything is niceeee.I went to school just to be picked up at the front gate by Pini.We rushed to Petra Christian University to deliver the hardcopies (both proposals and CDs).Then,at 12 pm I escaped school and went to Galaxy Malls instead.I have made an appointment with Verren the day before.She waited me in Starbucks.We decided to have a talk at Coffee Bean because there was a BUY 1 GET 1 PROMO there.We ordered green tea latte with extra wipe-creams and caramel and it was surprisingly expensive!The extra wipe cream and caramel cost IDR 36k!We were not happy customers,like really disappointed.We stayed at this cafe for almost two hours and talked about anything crossed our mind.

    The wipe-cream and caramel is surprisingly expensive *sigh* ps:featuring Verren blue's bag and my hair xD

    The wipe-cream and caramel is surprisingly expensive *sigh*
    ps:featuring Verren blue’s bag and my hair xD

    We went to KFC (Verren bought chicken) and had a nice lunch at Sushi Tei then.We ordered Okisama,it was a combination of salmon rolls and sweet rice covered with tofu skin.I didn’t take any photos of it unfortunately.
    Last,we had doughnuts and cronuts (and more chats!those sophisticated ones!)at JCo.

    They are choco Lava and cheesy cheese <3

    They are choco Lava and cheesy cheese ❤

    We talked back and forth while enjoying the sunset from the wide windows.I really love the atmosphere there.Everything seems sophisticated and minimal but still warm somehow.My heart felt warm and happy,really happy I couldn't be sure if it was just a dream or not.I don't want this feeling to ended so that I write every moment here,I want to capture everything so that maybe a month ahead or a year ahead,when life feels gross,I can reread my own writing and smile. : )
    A little catastrophe happened in last minutes,just before we got home.She lost her wallet.And she puts all her eggs in one basket,she has her student pass,health care card,and MRT card,all in it.We ran throughout the aisles of the department stores and cafes,getting back to JCO which has been our last stop.Luckily the waiter kept her wallet and everything is okay.This is a happy ending.<3

    p.s:today I go to school and watch a basketball match and volley,I bought Ocean red beverage and season rolls from PS food stall—–just before I should attend my extra biology class (we studied genetics AGAIN )——

    Roller-coasting Mood

    This is me,during this week.I'm happy.Being surrounded by my laptop,music,and doodling equipments and novels !

    This is me,during this week.I’m happy.Being surrounded by my laptop,music,and doodling equipments and novels !

    Hmm,you know this gonna be another nonsense post.I write this with no purpose at all,and worse than that,without even knowing what to say here actually.

    My mood is just being like a roller-coaster these days so thank you for people who has been dealing with my bipolar chats and 3 am nagging,I love you folks,,opposite with the weather which just getting normal and not being bipolar anymore,oh not really,two hours ago it was raining cats and dogs here and now the isn’t any trace left of it.I am being busy with proposals this week and the deadline is tomorrow.So,I join a competition and I have an awesome team.We call ourselves Opus.There’s a story behind these name.So we actually had joined the same competition last year,when we just entered high school and barely understand anything about life haha ( as if I understand a thing now).We all are hard-workers so we did our best and we won the first place.If I have to tell the truth,I don’t remember a thing about that but a few blurry skipped memory.I only remember that I and Kimchi had been the PR (Public Relation) and Anjanette and Christopher as the magazine editor and Piniela as the radio announcer.Then I create a mascot for our school branding event (that was the proposal about if I’m not mistaken) and I named it Opus The Octopus.Amazingly everybody loves my dear Opus and so it happened.Our team is officially named after it.

    This year,the competition is no more about school branding but about our city,Surabaya.Damn yeah,we should make a video about our country and well a proposal (it’s my task and really it’s the most boring yet difficult part),a digital magazine ( our professional editor,Anjanette has made everything fine),and a radio feature.

    But you know,we have got a really good time during the video-making and radio-feature making !!!
    We went strolling around the city.We visited Surabaya Carnival Night Market at the suburb,the airport,the Bambu Runcing,and all those awesome city icons.Last Tuesday ( June the 2nd) is Vesakh day and we got a one day off from school so we used this opportunity to make the radio feature.I were off on 7 am that morning to Kimchi’s house and Moses had been waiting there too.Piniela arrived and picked us up soon.It was my idea to have an interview at Kampung Dinamo.It’s been a creative industry area where all the resident work as a dinamo creator.We never gone to this area before and the place is isolated so it was a miracle we can find the place.Pini did the interview while us (and her mother) just waiting there,sitting awkwardly.The man we talked with is really intelligent and his comrade also.This is surprising,remembering that this area is not a somewhat affluent section of the city where all the highly educated usually live.But,I know we are getting better and this city improve well these last five years.I will upload the radio feature( and the video of course) after the competition ended.You really have to see the video,it’s cool!Moses is great at video editing,really.Hey,this is me,complimenting you ses.

    Actually I want to upload the video teaser here now but my bluetooth connection is being bipolar,so yeah I only have these creepy photos in low quality which I snapped quickly in Kampung Dinamo using my phone camera.(this is me,asking mum a new phone indirectly)

    The mess

    The mess

    This is Piniela and Moses while making the radio feature The green-caped thing is a filter.

    This is Piniela and Moses while making the radio feature
    The green-caped thing is a filter.

    Some tips if you are going to make a radio feature :
    1) Choose an interesting topic
    2) Speak slowly,the way you recite a story
    3) Have an interview with experts if possible
    4)If you don’t use DSLR for recording ( our is still being used for video making that time so we use IPad instead),have a home-made filter to make your voice recording clear and have less noise.You can make it just by sticking a piece of thin cloth on a carton cylinder,we use tissue carton for this.
    5)Do your recording inside the car or cover yourself with blanket for studio effect result.(the sponge that covers the car interior absorb the noises,simple physics)

    After the interview finished we had brunch at a local restaurant( I had shrimps and now i have to deal with a dermal alergic because of it) and we also sneaked to the bakery and have a lychee pudding (caramel and chocolate for Kimchi and Pini).

    About my summer holiday list,I have finished my Campbell yesterday ( book 3),and I have did some doodles too,I’ve bought some pens but not yet for watercolors.I gonna post my doodles here next time.I’m just too lazy to use the scanner now.My school is having a sport weeks nowadays.Sport weeks means two weeks full of dodging balls here and there like an idiot for me heheh ( I don’t enjoy the game as well as I enjoy the food and lemonade).Oh yes,and Verren arrived yesterday,tomorrow I’m gonna hang around with her!Yehayy!This is enough lenght,I gonna sleep now uhoh bye folks!Stay geek!