2k15 Summer Holiday Plans!!!

Hey folks!You know what??I PASSED my CHEM and MATH.It just 3 days ago when I wrote and complained about my worries here and now,this very day,I’m already be a free elf!!!Yeah,I’m a free elf!!!I even just changed my header and layout!What do you think?Which you love better?The previous one or the recent one?Let me know your opinion!
Right now I’m full of excitement and being overwhelmed with happiness!Holiday is around the corner and summer is in the air and everything seems clear and cheerful these days.Another good news that make me happy are :
1) My best-best-best friend;Verren on earth is gonna go home on 8 of June (it’s next week)!<3
I have known her since Junior High but the she got scholarship to Singapore and has been studied there for a year and I have already missing her like crazy!I hope we can go cafe hopings around the city during this month.I call June as a month of blessing and happiness,if your birthday is on June,just realize how lucky you are!( I always have mine in the middle of mid-semester exams)
2)My Dad just told me that we are going to go to a camping on the mountains on July
Actually we won't really go camping with tents and fire,we maybe will book a room or two at a nice rustic homey hotel (my mum loves rustic homey vibes as I do) and go fishing and visit strawberry fields and apple fields just as usual.(PS:we have visited the mountains many times since I was just a little girl so I basically know what will we do there but I never got bored of mountains though,holly cheese balls I love mountains!) My Dad also said that we can go fishing or swimming there.
So along with my happy mood,I wrote typed down a list of my 2K15 Summer Holiday Plans on my CS5 and I tried my best to make it natural as my real hand-writing.I love doodling with pens on real piece of papers but I’m just not in the mood of doing it.I have tendency to type and digitalize everything including my artwork he he.I have a lot of plans,nice plans,and I hope I can make them happen in life!At least,half of them.

Oh,yes,I also want to buy watercolors *mine isn’t in a good condition already* and good doodling book and some pretty colorful pens because I’m planning to doodle some pretties again.

Ah,let’s just start.Enjoy my list!What’s yours???

page 1

page 1

My number one is already checked,16 more to go!(why 17?Because since I was a little girl I always love odd numbers like 7,9,17,19,etc I don’t know why,there is just something about odd numbers that make me feel comfortable)

I’m currently reading PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern,I stopped reading it when I just started due to final exams and today I finished my Atlantis Gene by A.G Riddle.It’s thrilling and sophisticated.I’ll make the review these following days,promise!

And how about reading Campbells Trilogy ?? Don’t you ever think it is a ‘Hunger Games’ kind of trilogy.I’m telling you,they are biology text books,LOL!I have to finish it like as fast as possible but not now,I’m still in vacation atmosphere!
Hmm,then about blogspot,I’m serious about it.I’m planning to make this blog as a personal blog for capturing my daily life in words and make a blogspot as my professional bookish blog.The reason is,I can’t play html in wordpress if I use wordpress.com (free version) instead of wordpress.org.I don’t have the plug in menu as in wordpress.org.You should thank me for this info.I have been looking for my ‘missing plug-in menu’ like crazy before I realize that I should be a self-hosting to have it.It matters for me because I want to improve my coding skill,really.But don’t worry,your geeky girl won’t be missing from wordpress,I’ll stay tune here,swear!

page 2

page 2

Heahh,read the words highlighted in red!That’s the good news for you folks!I’ve been longing for having a weekly program like ‘quotastiq friday’ or ‘follow tuesday’ for a damn long-long time but I never have enough time.I have got an idea about this and even have edit some pictures.Hope everything will work on the right path,wish me luck!
About the pool party,I’ve got an invitation from a friend of mine and I hope I can attend more barbecues like I have posted months ago.Click on this sentence if you haven’t read about it.

2k15 summer holiday 3
Nothing to say about this last page of my list,o for the pancakes and doughnuts thingy I just want you to know that I ALWAYS burn everything in processing technology class,so… I guess number 16 won’t be ticked at the end of my holiday.No problem as long as number 17 will be ticked,yehaayy!!

I wish you readers will have a blissful summer holiday and enjoying your life to the fullest potential.Because I’m currently in a really good mood so I share this summer pretty walk and popsicle for you. ❤ Pictures credit to the cherryblossomgirl.

Popsicle for everyone,summer is coming!

Popsicle for everyone,summer is coming!

Take me here and I will love you forever!

Take me here and I will love you forever!

*bird chirping* Muach,love ya!!

P.S: I chose using purple and blue to write most of my list because I have pens in those exact same color.I don’t know whether it’s a navy blue or ocean blue or somewhat blue,I have tendency to mention colors in hexa codes ha ha *blogger problem* so here are some codes of my hand writing:
a)7c70ba (light navy blue) b)d809f7 (light purple)c)f81a94 (pink) d)ae005f (dark purple)



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    • joanexlibris · May 30, 2015

      Hey I actually haven’t finished my post,I just published it to see if 800 pixels is big enough.Visit it now to see the complete version of my holiday plans he he xD


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