My Cup of Tea


Well,well,first of all I want to tell you that currently I’m still in the middle of exams week.I was actually planning to write this post on Saturday but since I have to study my math so yeah I cancelled it until today.Tomorrow is Geog and English,but screw it. Writing keeps me sane.This will be a random writing but if you want to hear more from me,keep scrolling!

    Last Saturday,I had my chem exam and can you guess what kind of disaster happened last minutes before it started?Holly crap!I forgot my belt.Yes,belt!I’m not joking.Maybe some of you readers wonder why the heck I should be panicked just because I forgot to wear my belt?You wonder,I cry out loud.My school is really really strict on uniforms(way too strict I want to cry).There is a rule told us to wear complete school uniform neatly everyday even with the belt,pin,and hats.Oh those funny belts and hats things,I know it seems crazy but it is the reality.This rule really doesn’t make sense to me.So,that morning I woke up late.I had a super fast shower and grabbed a toast with chocolate sauce and then there I went to school without bringing my belt.I broke the rule.I wasn’t permitted to take the test before I got a permission letter from my headmistress.I missed the first 20 minutes of the exam and that means I should do mine fast as death.I miraculously finished it on time although actually I know I can do it better.Oh how I wish I hadn’t got up late that day.But,what is done is done.I kept my calm and tried to study my math when I got home.I have told you in my previous post that I just had a chicken pox,haven’t I?During that week of illness,I didn’t go to school and I didn’t care a thing about the lessons and now I regret it.I knew nothing about those trigonos and such and I was driving crazy.Today,I have just finished the test and don’t you dare bothering me by asking how I was doing it.I did the explanation section well but not with the multiple choices section.If you ask me why then my answer is I just don’t know.It was just not working in the right order.And it was out of my control.All I can do know is just pray for the best and asking you all to pray for me too he he.

I don’t want to be pessimistic so I keep on telling myself;
“All you have to do is just prepare for the worst and hope for the best thing to happen.”

I’m tired of all these.I really do love science.I love biology and I even join national olympiad for that subject.I’m interest in it but the way I’m in love with science is simply different with my love to literature.I love science because I want to know how life works,I love biology because I want to reveal the secret of life,but I love literature because it warms my heart and makes me feel better even in my worst day like today.So I quickly realize that literature and art is my cup of tea and passion but I still need science to satisfied my curiosity in life,you know my curiosity in everything is just unhealthy.And how about writing?I write because I love writing.Everything feels okay when I’m writing (even trigono ha ha)
Currently I really wish I could:
1.Eat caramel popcorn and watching good movies (anything features Jennifer Annishton in my case).I miss that nausea feeling after eating too much sweet caramel.
2.Sleep all day long without anything to do
3.Doodle some pretty things and flowers
4.Make a simple animation video
5.Reading novels on bed,all those best sort of novels like P.S I Still Love You,oh by the way this book is published today!!!!
6.Having a cup of hot tea with sweet biscuit and white honey ❤

And last,why did I write this damn long nonsense post?All just because I want to capture my life between the pages,I don’t want any memories fade out of my mind,writing keeps them alive and yes,I’m sentimental like that.

A cup of love from your quirky geeky girl:

Whoever you are where ever you live and whatever happened in your life,just remember that someone out there is also having a problem like you and still there are always things to be thankful for beyond your life.I hope,I do really hope that you will enjoy your night after reading this post : )

All I need Is Just a cup of tea and a really good book

Smell this,feel this,and your day will get better


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