Percy Jackson & The Olympians-The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (Review)

my edit,please credit to me if you want to use it : )

my edit,please credit to me if you want to use it : )

“Being a half-blood is dangerous.It’s scary.Most of the time,it gets you kill in painfull,nasty ways.”-Perseus Jackson (1.3)

    A twelve years old young Perseus Jackson is known as a troublesome kid who suffered dyslexia and clinically a hyperactive.He lives in a boarding school and when he isn’t there then he lives in a small apartment in Manhattan with her mother and her step-father,Gabe.Percy finally found out that he is a half-blood and Poseidon is actually his real father.Zeus,Poseidon’s brother is outraged and threatened to kill Percy because he thinks that Percy-under his father command-has stolen his precious lightning weapon.Percy should find the lightning from the real thief then give it back to Zeus within ten days or the greatest war ever between the gods will break up.And here his journey with Annabeth (Athena’s daughter) and Grover the satyr begin,but then someone who calls himself friend also began to betray them.Will they find that precious lightning weapon?

    This is a real fantasy novel.With all of its Greek mythologies and ancient characters this really improve my knowledge.Well I take science as my major in senior high so I’m lack at history and I barely understand anything about Greek or Egypt mythologies and political histories but thanks to my reading hobby so that now I (at least) understand about the difference between Poseidon,Zeus,and Hades haha,truth to be told I didn’t even know who Zeus is before I read this novel.The story is quite interesting and it has a real rapid paces.The plot is thrilling although not really breath-taking,I can understand why the plot is simple and childish because this is a children novel holaa ahaha.Hmm,what else I can say?This book contains an overload imaginary world and things.Despite some scenes which were too ‘imaginative’ for my scientific part of brain,this novel is a worth reading one.It’s easy and simple to read.Children around 8 y.o should enjoy this the best!

This is a high resolution pictures I found out by accident haha what a lucky me ; )

This is a high resolution pictures I found out by accident haha what a lucky me ; )

This featured Mr Brunner or Chiron and Grover the satyr

This featured Mr Brunner or Chiron and Grover the satyr

I heard there has been a movie about this.People told me that the movie was dissatisfying but I can’t say a word about it now cos I myself haven’t seen it yet!

The movie cover version hehe !

The movie cover version hehe !

Last but not least,this,I reveal my secret of editing for you,it’s my original picture for this review’s cover edit above…

I edit this picture to make this revie cover,so yeah this is the original one !

I edit this picture to make this review cover,so yeah this is the original one !



    Uhmm I shouldn’t have write this but I can’t help myself.I know a professional book reviewer never slip her thoughts and things in her book review but I’m not a professional so don’t care about it he he.So readers,I’ll tell you a super secret thing…

    I borrowed this book from my school library two weeks ago,I should have returned it last week but then I got chicken pox.Yeah,holly crap!My whole body feels itchy right now,I’m not completely healthy yet.In fact,I didn’t go to school today and will not go too for tomorrow,that’s the real reason why I can update my blog this fast.And I still keep this library book *wink*I actually want to ask one of my friends to return it but then I’m afraid they hid my Id card after they return the book.You know I hang around with a real pranks-full friends.I don’t know how come I can hang around with them but ahemm I still love them though he he.So I hope when I’m getting healthy soon I will be able to return this book safely to the library without have to mention anything about chicken pox ( I don’t think the librarian will be happy knowing that one of the library book collections has been handed by a quirky geeky girl who suffered chickenpox for weeks).Hah,okay.I think I’ll continue my reading now,bye folks!Love ya!

p.s: I’m reading p.s I love You by Cecilia Ahern (pssttt I’m in the mood of reading romances these days,dunno why,they’re just really heart warming ❤ )


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  1. umi · May 9, 2015

    U should read The Last Olympian, that’s my fav btw


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