Happy World Book Day 2015 !!!


“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”JK Rowling
Hello everybody!Today is April the twenty third!Wohoo,it’s a special day for us nerds!Do you know that today is international book day?Don’t claim yourself as a book lover if you don’t know this.First of all,allow me to apologize for the awful GIF.Yeah,I know its quality is gross but I really don’t have enough time to edit a better one to be honest.I just had my chem test today and tomorrow I should have had my biology. I’ve read some of the material last week and I think it’s quite interesting and I’m excited but holly crap,the teacher cancelled it in last minutes.

So well,what did I do to celebrate this special day?


Come on,today is book day so what else I can do?
I downloaded a new e-book reader on google play this evening.It’s called Aldiko.Just search it and you’ll found out how great this app is.I’m not going to write a review about Aldiko here so all I can say is just it’s a useful e-book reader where you can read classic and self-published books freely.I read Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol and then I decided to stop reading it and try to study ethology.Then all of sudden my cell phone alarm is beeping and this alert appeared on my screen ;Happy World Book Day!!!Go blogging!I’m just like,Omg I forgot that I’ve planed to blog a new post today.I’m really not in the mood of writing anything these day so I type this begrudgingly just to say hello again to you all my readers.Just kidding he he.

Hmmm okay,okay I want to post my bookish edits today.I made these around 6 months ago and I have posted them in my tumblr but not here.I made these because I used to be confuse about the difference of geek,nerd,bibliophile,and any other similar bookish slangs.Some of my friends are also confuse so then I search the definitions of all these bookish slangs at an online dictionary and edit some typography on my CS5.I don’t want to brag a lot.So here are my thousand words,enjoy!


Are you a booker,Geek (like me),nerd,or bibliophile? Ah whoever you are where ever you live whatever you do,we all enjoy this common happiness of being drawn by the power of words!Keep on reading and Happy World Book Day 2015!!! This geeky girl loves you forever! ❤


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