Blood Moon

It sends chill to my spine!

It sends chill to my spine!

Today is the 4 th of April.What’s so special with the 4th of April?It’s not my birth-date nor my anniversary day (if only I had an opportunity to have an aniversary date hahah).Well,well today,I witnessed one of the world’s most important natural phenomenons-One of A Tetra Total Lunar Eclipse-or which is well known as The Blood Moon.Actually,in astronomy people call this phenomenon as a total lunar eclipse but somehow,since last year,Blood Moon has been widespread on medias and every people now keep on saying it as a Blood Moon,instead of an eclipse.I myself prefer saying it as an eclipse to Blood Moon,because the word ‘Blood Moon’ sounds creepy and frightening somehow.Eclipse sounds better and more classy haha,I dunno why I always have an obsession about how a word being pronounced and written.So,yeah this night as I pulled my car into a drive-thru I realized that the sky was clear,very very clear I can scream!This week the weather has been horribly annoying.It’s gloomy and the clouds always look like weighted with heavy stones.The sun shining super-brightly by the days but it rained on nights,not only rain to be honest,it was nearly suitable to be called as a storm!This extreme weather scared me.This is a climate change.Our world is no more convenient.Don’t you scared to acknowledge that our home is gonna be destroyed?We don’t know for sure when will our beloved earth lasted but obviously all of us know that everything under the sun has an ending.There’s always the starting point and the finish line.You all know that too,but many people don’t want to admit it.People only hear what they want to hear,they don’t care if all the good things they heard actually were just lies.As long as those lies please them,they’ll be okay.They will,but I won’t.

    I’m not paranoid or somewhat but I’m just trying to face the reality.I live in an imaginary world and I escape my life as long as I could but still there is always a thrill of fear in my heard that annoys me all the time.Somewhat in my deepest conscience always whispers “Look at your environment,your universe.They’re dying and that means you’re dying too!”

When I handed my chocolate sundae with peanut chunks,the corner of my eyes figured it out.The out-of-standing appearance of the moon.It shape was like an eye-lense and its color was a blurry red.I feel like I was standing before a horror movie’s background.It’s a bit scary yet awesome.This very minute,a friend of mine texted me;Holla,it’s blood-moon here,go outside,it’s a kind of your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’opportunity!For your information,my friend is one of our school astronomy national olympiad team.He told me that this eclipse phenomenon is just one of a series which has been started since last year,around the 14th of April.Today’s eclipse is the third.I’m a bit disappointed knowing that I’ve missed 2 eclipses,2 super-phenomenons that I should have enjoyed!Once in a life time,oh please!I note my self not to miss the last.Oh and I as soon as I got home,I browsed about this bloody blood moon and I found out that the word ‘Blood Moon’ itself refers to a Biblical and somewhat religius phenomenon.There is a book written by John Hagee that described the Tetra Blood Moon.

four blood moons

I note this book to my ‘want to read’ shelf.It’s been a New York Times Bestseller.So,after I finished browsing I went outside and observed the moon until it was covered totally by the earth’s shadow.Unfortunately I’m not in my school astronomy building.My friends maybe were there.There is telescope to use there.So sad. Hah,there is no use to regret something has already happened though,so I think this post is long enough and I should go to bed now.I should go to church for easter tomorrow and I still have to study my chem.Bye!See ya!


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