To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (Review)

edited by me

edited by me

“I’m always wondering about the what-ifs,about the road not taken.”-Lara Jean (pg 8)

    Lara Jean Song is a Korean-American teenage girl who lives with her adorably quirky family.Lara keeps her love letters in a teal hatbox her mum gave her.Those letters aren’t from boys who ever loved her,but they’re just love letters she wrote by herself to all the boys she ever loved.One day,all of those letters are sent.One of it is received by Josh Sanderson,her elder’s sister ex-boyfriend.To save her face,Lara agree to be Peter Kavinsky pretend-girlfriend.Peter is Lara’s first kiss,but now she doesn’t have any feelings left for him.Will this last forever?Or can her feeling changes?
    I have re-blog a review about this book before,but honestly I hadn’t read that yet that time.I’m not really into YA Books and contemporary novels so I didn’t think I will love this book.But,tell you that was the


    mistake I’ve ever made!This book is a


    As soon as I read the second first chapter,I was already in LOVE with this.It’s easy to read,and really sweet,and somehow makes me feel happy.I have a habit to write down notes while reading a book.I note everything I like;quotes,difficult vocabs,scenes I love,et cetera to keep the story alive in my mind until a long time.Whenever I want to,I can sneak up to my notes and replay scenes of books I love.And well,usually I only write a page or two,but this time I almost write 8 pages full of notes!!!I dunno why,I just want to keep Lara Jean and Peter and her family and all alive in my mind.I can’t get it rid of my mind until now.I can’t read any other books right now.No,not this time.I just don’t want this magical effect from

    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

    fades from my memory.I guess I’m in a book-hangover right now.Its sequel:p.s I Still Love You will be released on May 26 2015,(CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT TIME),but you can pre-order it from Amazon now.
    I like the characters and well tbh the plot is easy to guess,it’s so classic and common but still,the way Jenny writes makes it pretty and sweet somehow.
    The only thing I don’t like from this book is just the ending and the setting,it doesn’t tell in what city Lara Jean is exactly living in,it’s not a big deal though so despite all,this is a VERY RECOMMENDED NOVEL!