Happy World Book Day 2015 !!!


“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”JK Rowling
Hello everybody!Today is April the twenty third!Wohoo,it’s a special day for us nerds!Do you know that today is international book day?Don’t claim yourself as a book lover if you don’t know this.First of all,allow me to apologize for the awful GIF.Yeah,I know its quality is gross but I really don’t have enough time to edit a better one to be honest.I just had my chem test today and tomorrow I should have had my biology. I’ve read some of the material last week and I think it’s quite interesting and I’m excited but holly crap,the teacher cancelled it in last minutes.

So well,what did I do to celebrate this special day?


Come on,today is book day so what else I can do?
I downloaded a new e-book reader on google play this evening.It’s called Aldiko.Just search it and you’ll found out how great this app is.I’m not going to write a review about Aldiko here so all I can say is just it’s a useful e-book reader where you can read classic and self-published books freely.I read Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol and then I decided to stop reading it and try to study ethology.Then all of sudden my cell phone alarm is beeping and this alert appeared on my screen ;Happy World Book Day!!!Go blogging!I’m just like,Omg I forgot that I’ve planed to blog a new post today.I’m really not in the mood of writing anything these day so I type this begrudgingly just to say hello again to you all my readers.Just kidding he he.

Hmmm okay,okay I want to post my bookish edits today.I made these around 6 months ago and I have posted them in my tumblr but not here.I made these because I used to be confuse about the difference of geek,nerd,bibliophile,and any other similar bookish slangs.Some of my friends are also confuse so then I search the definitions of all these bookish slangs at an online dictionary and edit some typography on my CS5.I don’t want to brag a lot.So here are my thousand words,enjoy!


Are you a booker,Geek (like me),nerd,or bibliophile? Ah whoever you are where ever you live whatever you do,we all enjoy this common happiness of being drawn by the power of words!Keep on reading and Happy World Book Day 2015!!! This geeky girl loves you forever! ❤


Especial Barbacoas

WARNING!THIS WILL BE A DAMN LONG POST!(I've warned you folks!)

WARNING!THIS WILL BE A DAMN LONG POST!(I’ve warned you folks!)

Geez,I’m still alive!Sorry for my 11 days missing.I was kidnapped by that mythological Rahwana just as soon as I finished my last post about blood moon.He were outraged because I revealed the secret of tetra blood moon and ruined his reputation which he has tried to build for decades.Hah.That maybe the weirdest way to explain my missing but remember that this is your geeky girl speaking so yeah forgive my weirdness.

Well,well so here I’m trying to be a little bit normal.I hardly have enough time to update my little blog and share my life with you all my beloved readers because I-unfortunately-still have school stuffs to do,exams to study,and of course books to read.I’ve told you that if I’m not here so it means I’m still reading my books,haven’t I?Basically my life revolves around books,blog,and exams.But this week,finally my boring life found an alternative.One of my classmate popped out an idea to have a barbecue party during our three days break.You may think that it is eerie to have a barbecue on the middle of April but it’s not cause I live in a tropical country where the sun shines everyday,lucky me ha ha.First,I thought that this idea is a bit weird and the party will be so awkward since I’m an awkward person and well I dunno why my friends are all always more sociable than me X____X .I didn’t really plan to join it even though I said ‘yes’ to my friends I was actually planning to cancel it on last minutes.Then,on that Monday morning my mum suddenly ask me to accompany her buying shoes at our local department store tonight.Wew.My mum is the kind of woman who never buys anything before trying and comparing all of the available choices.A night shopping shoes with person like that will definitely be a nightmare(Gosh,I really hope she will never read this).So without another thinking I replied her,”Sorry,I want to accompany you,but I’ve got things to do tonight.” (read: but not if it’s about buying shoes)
She rolled her eyes,”Can you tell me more specifically what are these ‘things-to-do’?”
“Hmm,I promised my classmates to join their barbecue party tonight,”I said.
I swear she seemed surprised.A barbecue party is definitely not a thing she expected I will attend.
“Where?”finally,she found her voice back.”At one of their garage I bet.I will tell you if I’ve got the complete address.Will you drive me there?”I asked with a mischievous eyes(she claimed herself a skittish driver but I think it’s more suitable to say that she can’t drive xD )My mum is just about to answer when suddenly my father said,jeopardizing our conversation,”I will.”I saw that light of enthusiasm ignited in his eyes.He always complains about my unsociable lifestyle and so things like BBQ party is a big deal for him.”Okay then,I’ve to work now,see you all tonight,”my mum said,shrugging her shoulders then go out of the room.My father stayed for a minute,”when?”
I sighed,”Around 6 pm this evening,after mandarin class.You don’t have to drive me though,I can take a taxi.”
“I’m free above five,I’ll drive you.”
“Good,okay then (‘if you insist’ I thought).”
Our conversation ended there and he go back to work.I go back to my room and finishing my animal development material the whole afternoon.In short,that evening I really attend the party.Whoah.Me attending a barbecue party in a night in the middle of April,it should’ve been written in Guinness.I didn’t expect it to be fun and I literary just trying my best to be not awkward and weird.I just like ‘come on just for this time,try to be young and allow yourself to have a blast,don’t be too serious.’It said that when you expect it to rain then it will,if you expect a rainbow will appear then it will.And that night I proved that this saying is really true.

That was a hot night.The sky is dark and there aren’t any stars,not even a single one.No wind no fresh air and it was ridiculously quiet.There were only seven of us trying to grill meat and chickens.We cut the meat and chicken into dices then dipped them in teriyaki sauce,sprinkled some oregano,thyme,and black pepper.The smoke was gross but it wasn’t a big deal and I’m grateful I didn’t wash my hair before.A friend of mine turn on the stereo and loud music banging throughout the silent night air.We talked about nothing and laughed for nothing and keep on chewing grilled meat for almost three hours.I used to think this kind of activity is useless but somehow that night I feel free,really free I want to scream.With that annoying hot weather,loud music,nonsense chit-chats,and all those laughters I suddenly feel it,for the first time during my life time I know how it feels to be young.

This post is 790 words length already,almost a thousand.But as they say a picture says a thousand words.I hardly post photos since I’m suck at taking photos.But thanks to my friend Gabrielle for taking these photos and allowing me to share them here.So,these are my thousands words..

Cheers!Finally it's done,it was hard  to take this photo.

Cheers!Finally it’s done,it was hard to take this photo.

Guess who is your geeky girl?

Guess who is your geeky girl?

I'm not sure if this is meat or chicken xD

I’m not sure if this is meat or chicken xD

It's me who is holding the stick! <3

It’s me who is holding the stick! ❤

I'm pretty sure this one is meat : )

I’m pretty sure this one is meat : )

It's snapchat wakakak

It’s snapchat wakakak

A thousand more for you…

A hint for you : I'm petite

A hint for you : I’m petite

So how?Are you planning to have your Especial Barbacoas too?Here are some tips from me:
1.Use slippers,no shoes,no high heels!(I wore shoes and I regret it)
2.Wear thin clothes and shorts it’ll be ridiculously hot.
3.For girls only : tight up your hair into a pony tail or a bun
4.Slice the meat as thin as possible or it will take a damn long time to be done
5.Bring any other food besides the main menu or you will be hungry as horse while waiting the BBQ to be grilled.

And last,maybe some of you wonder about this post’s title.Especial Barbacoas is Special BBQ in Spanish.Don’t google it if you don’t understand Spanish,you’ll get a headache!Despite all,enjoy your life and don’t miss me,I’ll be back on another post!Muach!

Love was buried in Amsterdam

This is awfully a sad story.I have had a friend too who died just because she was chocked by a jelly bean.Imagine it.A jelly bean!She was still 8 when she died and she missed 80% best part of life.I was shocked when I got the news that morning.It was announce by our teacher in school.I just saw this girl playing basketball the day before.I was still 10 that time so I still dunno that our lives is that priceless,that each breath is a grace.

Blood Moon

It sends chill to my spine!

It sends chill to my spine!

Today is the 4 th of April.What’s so special with the 4th of April?It’s not my birth-date nor my anniversary day (if only I had an opportunity to have an aniversary date hahah).Well,well today,I witnessed one of the world’s most important natural phenomenons-One of A Tetra Total Lunar Eclipse-or which is well known as The Blood Moon.Actually,in astronomy people call this phenomenon as a total lunar eclipse but somehow,since last year,Blood Moon has been widespread on medias and every people now keep on saying it as a Blood Moon,instead of an eclipse.I myself prefer saying it as an eclipse to Blood Moon,because the word ‘Blood Moon’ sounds creepy and frightening somehow.Eclipse sounds better and more classy haha,I dunno why I always have an obsession about how a word being pronounced and written.So,yeah this night as I pulled my car into a drive-thru I realized that the sky was clear,very very clear I can scream!This week the weather has been horribly annoying.It’s gloomy and the clouds always look like weighted with heavy stones.The sun shining super-brightly by the days but it rained on nights,not only rain to be honest,it was nearly suitable to be called as a storm!This extreme weather scared me.This is a climate change.Our world is no more convenient.Don’t you scared to acknowledge that our home is gonna be destroyed?We don’t know for sure when will our beloved earth lasted but obviously all of us know that everything under the sun has an ending.There’s always the starting point and the finish line.You all know that too,but many people don’t want to admit it.People only hear what they want to hear,they don’t care if all the good things they heard actually were just lies.As long as those lies please them,they’ll be okay.They will,but I won’t.

    I’m not paranoid or somewhat but I’m just trying to face the reality.I live in an imaginary world and I escape my life as long as I could but still there is always a thrill of fear in my heard that annoys me all the time.Somewhat in my deepest conscience always whispers “Look at your environment,your universe.They’re dying and that means you’re dying too!”

When I handed my chocolate sundae with peanut chunks,the corner of my eyes figured it out.The out-of-standing appearance of the moon.It shape was like an eye-lense and its color was a blurry red.I feel like I was standing before a horror movie’s background.It’s a bit scary yet awesome.This very minute,a friend of mine texted me;Holla,it’s blood-moon here,go outside,it’s a kind of your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’opportunity!For your information,my friend is one of our school astronomy national olympiad team.He told me that this eclipse phenomenon is just one of a series which has been started since last year,around the 14th of April.Today’s eclipse is the third.I’m a bit disappointed knowing that I’ve missed 2 eclipses,2 super-phenomenons that I should have enjoyed!Once in a life time,oh please!I note my self not to miss the last.Oh and I as soon as I got home,I browsed about this bloody blood moon and I found out that the word ‘Blood Moon’ itself refers to a Biblical and somewhat religius phenomenon.There is a book written by John Hagee that described the Tetra Blood Moon.

four blood moons

I note this book to my ‘want to read’ shelf.It’s been a New York Times Bestseller.So,after I finished browsing I went outside and observed the moon until it was covered totally by the earth’s shadow.Unfortunately I’m not in my school astronomy building.My friends maybe were there.There is telescope to use there.So sad. Hah,there is no use to regret something has already happened though,so I think this post is long enough and I should go to bed now.I should go to church for easter tomorrow and I still have to study my chem.Bye!See ya!


I spent my life folded between the pages of books

I spent my life folded between the pages of books

    There will come a time in a lifetime when finally you are getting tired of everything and begin to ask philoshopical questions like “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s the purpose of my life?”or “Why does life is so unfair?” or maybe even “What is fair?Is there even any fairness in this galaxy?In this universe?”I began asking those sort of questions when I was only five.The very first question that bothered me was,”Who am I?”I’ve been spending years for looking the answer and ’till now I still haven’t found it yet.And I doubt I will find it one day.I think it maybe will be the deepest mystery of The Life itself,which it want to keep as an eternal secret for itself forever.

I always hate,and scared of oblivion.I hate to admit that a million years from now on,nobody will remember my name or even what I’ve done,no matter what great things I have done during my life time.I’m certainly sure that 100000 years from today,Thomas Alfa Edison or Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin maybe,will be forgotten.Oblivion is a sure thing,just as John Green says in his book,An Abundance of Katherines;“There is no level of fame or genius that allows you to transcend oblivion.The infinite future makes that kind of mattering impossible.”

So,back to the topic I wrote at the first paragraph,I keep asking myself “Who am I?”I read and read books to find out the answer which never having an ending.I’m planning to read the The World of Sophie and It’s A Kind of Funny Story this year.I don’t expect or hope to find the answer there but there is always still a ‘probably’ in every ‘impossible things’ right?I have read many philosophical books,including Supernova series,Filosofi Kopi,Rectoverso and many more and I’m never getting tired of it.

I hate living in this world.Yeah,I do hate.I hate seeing violence and crime and cruelty,they’re gross!And the worst is they are scattered around me,around our life.Next time when you sip your morning coffee at Starbucks,try to think about the workers who have planted the coffee all day long but never can taste Frappucinno even once in their life-time.Also,whenever you’re going on a ferry for a vacation,Have you ever tried to care about the dockers who have to pull up heavy containers from dawn to dusk everyday?I have.Every time I do it,I just always feel depressed,mad,and having a headache(An annoying one which feels like there is someone trying to pinch your eyebrows).So,what do I do to forget all of these creepy worryings?I read.Thank God,I have a pretty good imagination so that I can escape this disgusting world.I always bought books,never get enough.Books are my pain killer,my nicotine,my ecstasy.I’m always carving for them.I need book the way I need my morning coffee,books keep me awake,awake in my fantasy world,a key to escape our boring and depressing world.

    See ya. Muach.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (Review)

edited by me

edited by me

“I’m always wondering about the what-ifs,about the road not taken.”-Lara Jean (pg 8)

    Lara Jean Song is a Korean-American teenage girl who lives with her adorably quirky family.Lara keeps her love letters in a teal hatbox her mum gave her.Those letters aren’t from boys who ever loved her,but they’re just love letters she wrote by herself to all the boys she ever loved.One day,all of those letters are sent.One of it is received by Josh Sanderson,her elder’s sister ex-boyfriend.To save her face,Lara agree to be Peter Kavinsky pretend-girlfriend.Peter is Lara’s first kiss,but now she doesn’t have any feelings left for him.Will this last forever?Or can her feeling changes?
    I have re-blog a review about this book before,but honestly I hadn’t read that yet that time.I’m not really into YA Books and contemporary novels so I didn’t think I will love this book.But,tell you that was the


    mistake I’ve ever made!This book is a


    As soon as I read the second first chapter,I was already in LOVE with this.It’s easy to read,and really sweet,and somehow makes me feel happy.I have a habit to write down notes while reading a book.I note everything I like;quotes,difficult vocabs,scenes I love,et cetera to keep the story alive in my mind until a long time.Whenever I want to,I can sneak up to my notes and replay scenes of books I love.And well,usually I only write a page or two,but this time I almost write 8 pages full of notes!!!I dunno why,I just want to keep Lara Jean and Peter and her family and all alive in my mind.I can’t get it rid of my mind until now.I can’t read any other books right now.No,not this time.I just don’t want this magical effect from

    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

    fades from my memory.I guess I’m in a book-hangover right now.Its sequel:p.s I Still Love You will be released on May 26 2015,(CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT TIME),but you can pre-order it from Amazon now.
    I like the characters and well tbh the plot is easy to guess,it’s so classic and common but still,the way Jenny writes makes it pretty and sweet somehow.
    The only thing I don’t like from this book is just the ending and the setting,it doesn’t tell in what city Lara Jean is exactly living in,it’s not a big deal though so despite all,this is a VERY RECOMMENDED NOVEL!