Black as a raven but pure as a pearl
Dreamy as a daydream yet horrible as a nightmare
Softer than oil and mightier than a sword
Lovely like a sweet girl but quirky like a bastard

They say I’m a nerd.They say I have peculiar habits.They say I am a stranger.They say maybe I’m a kind of genius or someone who suffered mental disorder.I’m not a clinically depressed girl or such as.I’m not a genius too I guess.I’m just a self-proclaimed workaholic and well,bookaholic.

Is that my fault if I’m different from many other girls in my age?

In fact,I’m not that different!I still have long hair,wearing skirt to school,wearing dresses to formal parties (if it is required for dress code),and ugh still wearing bras,having my period each month,et ceteras.The point is just,physically I’m still a normal girl,really!

So what does make me different?
It’s easy to answer.
my thoughts!

Many girls in my school think that questions like “what kind of dresses they should wear to parties?”,”what hairdo they should do for an occasion?”, and” what make up they should put on their faces”, are the most important things in this whole world.They think that ‘who crushes whom’or ‘whose boyfriend is having an affair with whose girlfriend’ is the hottest topic ever to brag about. Bleh.I just can’t help myself not to turn my back and go away if these kind of ‘chit-chats’ are around.Is THAT my FAULT heh?The phrase says,when you are in Rome,just act like the Romans .Does it mean that I have to behave myself just like everyone in my community behaves?I don’t think so.

I want to have a great talk,it doesn’t mean that I only want to have a discussion about serious problems like Global Warming or political issues or maybe a scientific talk about human genes therapy using retrovirus as a vector.I would be glad to have a serious discussion like that,but It’ll be my pleasure too to talk about great novels and ancient greek mythology,Sophie Kinsella’s newest novels,or great box office movies maybe.I admit that I don’t really love dresses,make up,K-dramas,and any other kind of dramas.I try hard to understand that trivia.I buy dresses and high heels sometimes but I’ve never tried make ups or nail polish.I spend most of my money on books.I respect my friends’ hobbies.I respect their interests and I hope they can do the same thing to me.I mean,I know talking about books and health all day long is boring for them but please,don’t call me a nerd or don’t you ever think that I am depressed!I am just DIFFERENT ! I’m UNIQUE !My thought is COMPLICATED so that you can’t understand!Holly cheese balls ,I know that I’m an anomaly.

Well so,I'm just like'keep talking,I like it when you sound stupid' hahah

Well so,I’m just like’keep talking,I like it when you sound stupid’ hahah

Best regards,
Your Geeky Girl



  1. Phoenix. · April 2, 2015

    *this girl gets me*.


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