The House of Silk-Anthony Horowitz (Review)

house of silk anthony h

“Childhood,afterall is the very first coin poverty steals from children.”

This ‘new’ Sherlock Holmes story by a popular criminal stories author-Anthony Horowitz-is a really thrilling story.The setting was-like most others Sherlock’s stories-in London around the 1800s years.It was written using Doctor Watson point of view,just as Conan Doyle’s original versions.

Sherlock and Watson was visited by a wealthy man who was being spied by a member of a cruel gangster which he met in Boston years ago.This spy was murdered later.This affliction,led Sherlock to a really more complicated problem.One of the London Street Children was found murdered tragically not long after that and the murderer,whoever they were,left a piece of fine white silk.This time,Sherlock and Watson got a light bulb,at least they knew that their real enemy is a big organisation called The House of Silk.They continued solving this case although the man who hired them had asked them to stop.Finally,On a night when everything got worse and worse,they could reveal the biggest and dirtiest crime in the government of England,even though Sherlock was nearly killed that night.

This book isn’t a kind of novel that I usually love.Well,actually I have read this book last December but since it didn’t left a special ‘thrill’ or ‘feeling’ on my mind,I didn’t write its review as soon as I finished it.But still,I think some of my readers are criminal novels fans so yeah I tried hard to remember the plot of this story.After all The House of Silk is well written and the author knows how to make twists and a good plot.But maybe its story is too complicated to be summed up just in a criminal novel.It’s more like a TV series than a criminal novel.I prefer Agatha Christie‘s novels than this one to be honest,not because this one is bad or what,just as I’ve said,it’s too complicated and so damn long.Agatha‘s novels are usually shorter and simpler and on reality criminality goes in a simple plot.Humans interact and hurt each other in a cruel yet creative ways.That’s the main point!

So,I think that’s all about The House of Silkby Anthony Horowitzif you are curious with the end of the story or maybe the complicated plot that made your stubborn geeky girl confused when was reading it,just purchase a copy at or read the e-book on goodreads!



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