Pipe and Barrel Surabaya (Review)


Hi,there long time no see!It’s been a month since I post my last article.Please forgive me for my super late update.My busy schedule during this very first month didn’t give me enough time to write reviews for books I’ve read.This month was full of stress.But at least I have a good story on the last page of this January.

I have a one-day-holiday this saturday and I spend it by visiting one of the most cosy cafe in my hometown-Pipe and Barrel.This cafe is owned by Ken The Indonesian Master Chef Runner-up winner.It is located at Jalan Polisi Istimewa No 22,just across St Louis Senior High School and well I should admit that this restaurant has a quite strategic area.You won’t find any difficulties in finding the cafe except the heavy traffic counted I bet.Huuh,so yeah I decided to have my lunch here this afternoon and I’m not disappointed.
It was raining cats and dogs when I’m about ready to get there so that I have to wait for an hour until the rain stopped.When I finally got there,there was still showering,but never mind,it wasn’t a storm and I still keep my cool and enjoy my day.Once I got in,I think I was entering the wrong cafe cos its interior was a total different than what I imagined.It was dark inside and cosy music bang-ing through-out the indoor room.

We should order our food and beverages and pay them first,then we chose our seat and wait for the meal.For my surprise,there are more beverages than food there!I didn’t capture the menu unfortunately : (

I order Spicy Tuna Spaghetti( IDR 45k )and Lemon Italian Soda(IDR 22k),the price is affordable right??
tiff infomation

Dorry fish fillet and chips

Dorry fish fillet and chips


This cosy cafe has indoor and outdoor room and also a comfy toilets XD,but since there was too dark to take a toilet selfie so I can’t share it with you all here heheh.I’ll post the outdoor room instead,okay?

Live your life to the fullest!

Live your life to the fullest!


Well,so if you are looking for a nice cafe in Surabaya for hanging around after school or for spending your spare time (baca:waktu nganggur),Pipe and Barrel is obviously a nice and suitable place for you!Good luck!Have a happy weekend!

p.s: we took that outdoor photo while it was still showering
photos credits to Oktavia and Pipe and Barrel official account.
p.p.s : I should turn off my computer now and go back to study my plant’s physiology book