My Free Thursday

Well well actually that isn’t the right title for this post. I ‘m pretty busy this semester especially this month but yeah I think at least I should ‘peek’ my blogs and write something here.I haven’t write any posts and book reviews for..err..amazingly almost two months!I have finished Iron King by Julie Kagawa more than a month ago but I haven’t got enough free time to write the review.And recently I’m reading more than a novel!*really!*

OMG,Why suddenly I change my habit and read with awfully peculiar rhythms like that???!!

I have a little story to tell about it #tbh he he just scroll your screen down!
Last July I’ve known an amazing book blogger named Gwendolyn on tumblr and she told me (via email for sure) that she had had a peculiar reading habit.She named it ‘Gwendolyn Reading Method’.She wrote that she used to be bored to read just a novel for a week or sometimes even longer than that.Then she tried to read three different novels a day.She reads biography book in the mornings then chick lit in the afternoon break and fantasy novels such as Harry Potter and divergent at nights.At first I thought that will be a really crazy way to read books.I thought that I will be really confused,I was pretty sure my brain will mix up different plots from those different novels I read and make its own version and then tadaa I will find difficulties in distinguishing those three novels.But the time flew fast and just as soon as I entered Senior High School I realized that Gwendolyn Reading Method will suit me really well.

What is the reason?

As I’ve said,my schedule is full of tasks,exams,and all that stuffs.And well,you won’t believe me—- I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO READ EVEN JUST A BOOK IN 7 DAYS!!!!
That is my scariest nightmare ever and it really happened to me on my first week of school x_____x
My good reads account was going to be almost inactive as my WordPress and tumble was and I was driving crazy!
I thought of many ways to solve this ‘problem’ and suddenly when I’ve got stressed and nearly gave up everything,I remembered Gwendolyn’s reading method.That was a light bulb for me. Since that day,I read a fantasy novel in my school library in the mornings before the classes start,a classic literature in my afternoon breaks,and my own novel at nights *late nights actually*
Using that method I still can read three books a week,that’s not really good but still it’s far more better than ONE book a week!

So what’s the point of all of this unimportant post?

Err actually I just want to say thank you to Gwendolyn and her A++++ blog and hmm just that eh ..good bye,I still have physics task to do and mathematics test tomorrow! < 3 wish maself all the best luck! ; )
P.s: I wrote this with extreme fatigue