An Abundance of Katherines

an abundance of katherines by john green

an abundance of katherines by john green

“He liked all books,because he liked the mere act of reading,the magic of turning scratches on a page into words inside his head.”

An Abundance of Katherines is another New York Times bestselling book that written by John Green.I don’t love this novel as much as I love Looking For Alaska to be honest,and well I also still prefer The Fault In Our Stars than this one.But,never mind,It’s UNIQUE and worth-reading!
Collin Singleton is a child prodigy who loves anagram so much.He can anagram everything!Anagram is rearranging a word to another word that contained the same letters but has a total different meaning.For examples;’stop’can be ‘posts’if we rearrange the letters.It is fun!So,yeah this Collin Singleton really has weird hobbies.He love anagram and Katherines!He had been in relationships with 19 different girls named Katherine and had been dumped by most of the Katherines except Katherine 4.
The story began when Collin was dumped by K-19.He loved her so much.So he got depressed.His best friend-Hassan-asked him to have a holiday together in order to make Collin forget K-19.They hadn’t visited many places yet when they arrived in a small town in Tennesse and got a job.They worked there for a widow called Hollis who has a tampon string factory and a daughter named Lindsey Lee Wells.
Collin and Hassan spent their summer in Lindsey’s house.Collin try to make a mathematics formula about Katherines-Collins relationship.He hope he can predict exactly how a relationship between a Katherine and a Collin will be.A complex mathematics formula can be found easily in this book.The stories about Collin’s relationship with the Katherines during his life are told in a haphazard chapters.It’s a bit confusing.The story of K-19 come first,before K-1,then K-4 come in the middle,et cetera.Lindsey and Collin worked together in the factory and also in making the formula.Actually Collin was in love with Lindsey who had had a boyfriend named Collin (The Other Collin),but he didn’t realize it.
Collin and Lindsey made up at the end of the book.And she is his first Lindsey!

My favorite quotes are :
1.You don’t remember what happened.What you remember becomes what happened.
2.I will get forgotten,but the stories will last.
3.You can’t stop the future from coming.
An Abundance of Katherines is suitable for 12 years + readers,not younger than 12,please!The plot flows a bit disorganize and confusing but it still enjoyable!
I give 3 stars from 5 for An Abundance of Katherines!Keep on reading,guys!


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