Looking For Alaska

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“How can I get out from this labyrinth of suffering?Forgive.”
Looking For Alaska is novel by John Green that I love the most.I have read The Fault In Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines before,but I don’t love them as I love Looking For Alaska.

Looking For Alaska tells a story about a student called Milles who didn’t have friends and not really good looking or attractive,and never falling in love,never before he went to a boarding school in Alabama.In his new boarding school,he met many kinds of interesting people with different characters.He met The Colonel-his room mate-who finally introduced him to a girl called Alaska and a Japanese guy called Takumi.Together they formed a friendship.They play pranks,having a good time.Milles finally fell in love with Alaska(who already had a boyfriend named Jake).Milles tried hard to deny his feeling to Alaska,he had a girlfriend too(named Lara)!Alaska actually was in love with Milles but she didn’t want to disappointed Jake.She didn’t want to screw up anything again.Alaska had an unhappy life and childhood,she felt that she screw up everything.Alaska dead in the middle of the book and then her best friends looking for her death’s cause.Nobody know whether her death was a suicide or an accident.This book ended beautifully and make me cry!I love the characters,I love the plot,and I love the moral value!I can’t deny that this book contained so many boozers,naughty guys,smoking students,et cetera,but still I tell you that this books has touched me.It tells the reality,it tells us how does life goes on!

My favourite quotes this book are :
1.How can I get out from this labyrinth of suffering?Staright and Fast.”-Alaska Young
2..How can I get out from this labyrinth of suffering?Forgive.”-Milles
3.Sometimes you lose a battle,but mischief always wins the war.”-Alaska Young
4.Who in the world I am?Ah,that’s the greatest puzzle.”-Lewis Carol
5.Night falls fast.Today is in the past.”-Edna St.Vincent Millay
Well-finally I just want to tell you that this book is worth reading especially for John Green’s fans!I give this book four stars from five !



  1. 300lembar · July 24, 2014

    Kok isinya bahasa inggris sih –“


    • joanexlibris · July 30, 2014

      Kadang inggris kadang indo : ) followersnya orang luar soalnya,kan kasian kalau pakai indo semua mereka nggak ngerti : )


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