The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes

Well they say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,but what about this hard cover Sherlock Holmes edition?Damn,I love the cover so much.To be honest I got interested by its cover first when I saw it two years ago in a bookstore at Ngurah Rai Airport,Bali,Indonesia.Just for your information,I went to Bali for a vacation that year and as a bookaholic,of course I’d like to spent my holiday there by lying in a hammock by the sea shore with a book and a glass of lemmonade #perfectholiday.okay,I’m not going to tell a story about my holiday of course,I write this to tell you about the novel I have bought.An amazing novel.In this Sherlock Holmes edition,we can read eleven best Sherlock Holmes stories.The detective tackles cases ranging from missing race horses to stolen naval treaties;but nothing can prepare him for ‘The Final Problem’ at Reichbach Fall,in which Dr Watson takes up his pen with a heavy heart to tell the story of Holmes’s most dramatic encounter with his nemesis;Professor Moriarty.Ou yeah,the eleven stories I have enjoyed during my holiday in Bali are :
1)Silver Blaze
2)The Yellow Face
3)The Stockbroker’s Clerk
4)The Gloria Scott
5)The Musgrave Ritual
6)The Reigate Squires
7)The Crooked Man
8)The Resident Patient
9)The Greek Interpreter
10)The Naval Treaty
11)The Final Problem
I have read so many Sherlock’s stories before this,I love some of them and hate some too, but for my surprise,all of my favorite stories are in this novel!My favorite is Silver Blaze.I think all of us has known this famous story already.The most complicated story is The Naval Treaty I think and on the other hand,the most simple is The Yellow Face.I was surprised with the simple problem in The Yellow Face.I mean,I didn’t expect that it will be that simple.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 4 novels and 56 short stories during his life time,and trust me you will find his top best stories in this pretty covered novel edition.So what are you waiting for?Go to your hometown bookstore and hand a copy!*I don’t ask you to buy it in Bali*
Last but not least,I really hope you will enjoy this book,no matter where or when you enjoy it.There are thousands way to enjoy a really good book.You can lie in a hammock like what I did,sit in a nice velveteen sofa,lying on your bed in a rainy day with a cup of tea or coffee *omg*,read under a shady tree in the city park,or even in a bus stop or inside the toilet!
N.B:Don’t try the last in a public toilet or people will get mad (I bet you won’t spend short time inside the toilet if this novel accompany you) #haha
Okay,that’s all for now,hope this is useful,thank you for visiting!